Canadian quantum computing service provider D-Wave Systems Inc has announced its expansion to Australia and India. D-Wave is the world’s first commercial supplier of quantum computers and a leader in the development and delivery of quantum computing services, systems and software. The leading quantum cloud service provider will be launching its product ‘Leap’ the two countries.

After expanding to these two countries, Leap will be supported in 37 countries in Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America. The expansion will be opportunistic for hundreds of thousands of new enterprises and developers to build real-world business applications using their cloud service. Australia and India’s technology sectors can now leverage the power of Leap to accelerate quantum application development in different industries. 

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About D-Wave’s Leap

Leap gives businesses, researchers and developers access to D-Wave 2000Q quantum computers, the Quantum Application Environment and hybrid solvers to drive the development of hybrid applications. In addition to access, Leap also provides users with code samples, free developer plans, demos and teaching and learning tools. Users also get to be a part of the quantum community to start building and deploying quantum cloud applications.

The latest version of Leap, Leap 2 will be made available in Australia and India which was launched earlier in 2020. Leap 2 will give its users access to various updated features and tools including Hybrid Solver Service, Problem Inspector, Flexible Access and Integrated Developer Environment (IDE).

Vice President of Software and Services at D-Wave, Murray Thom says the future of quantum computing is in the cloud which is why the company is eager to offer Leap to Australia and India. Mr Murray adds that quantum cloud computing is structured in a way to help businesses solve critical problems in industries like finance, pharmaceuticals and much more.

About D-Wave: Quantum Cloud Service Provider

Established in 1999, D-Wave Systems is a quantum cloud computing systems provider. The company’s mission is to harness the power of quantum computing for the entire world to use. D-Wave offers quantum application services and applications for diverse issues like artificial intelligence, logistics, drug discovery, material sciences, fault detection, cybersecurity and financial modelling. The company is trusted by the world’s most advanced companies like Volkswagen, Google, NASA Ames, Lockheed Martin, USRA, DENSO, ISC, Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Till date, more than 200 early applications have been built using D-Wave’s systems, many of which use Leap. This year, the company offered free access to Leap to individuals or organizations working to respond to the pandemic. D-Wave will give free access to this service to COVID-19 researchers Australia and India as well. D-Wave’s next groundbreaking system, Advantage will be made available to global Leap users later in 2020. Advantage will enable commercial quantum application development and deliver significant gains in performance with greater precision.

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Image Courtesy: D Wave