The multinational e-commerce giant has unveiled its own palm recognition technology to speed up the shopping trips at the store. Amazon’s retail team has announced the launch of Amazon One- a fast, contactless, and convenient way to pay at the stores or entering the workspace more seamlessly

How does Amazon One work?

Amazon One is built with custom algorithms that creates a unique palm signature which can be connected to a credit card. You can then place your hand above the sensor to checkout at Amazon Go stores. 

Amazon plans to expand the usability of Amazon One. Initially, it will be available in Amazon Go stores in Seattle, where the sensor will be added at the entrance of the stores, giving customers the choice to enter the store to shop. Further on, Amazon One will be available in New York, San Francisco, and Chicago. Amazon also plans to bring it to other sectors like offices and stadiums in the future.

How can one sign up for Amazon Go?

The process is really simple. The first step is to insert your card, then hover your palm over the device. Next, follow the prompts to associate your unique palm signature that is built in real-time with the card. There is an option to enroll using both the palms or just one. It takes less than a minute to sign up at Amazon Go stores using Amazon One device. 

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More about Amazon One

Amazon one is created to provide an effortless and quick transaction experience for the customers. One of the core values of Amazon is customer loyalty, and their new product abides by that. Amazon One is protected with multiple security controls and the palm images are not stored in their database. Any user who has a phone number and credit card can sign up for Amazon One. In case a user wants to remove their biometric palm data from the database, one has to request for data removal through the device itself or through their online service portal. Keeping the current situation of Covid-19 in view, this contactless payment option is a win-win situation for all. 

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Image Courtesy: Amazon