In the latest marketing news, Airbnb which is a short-term rental company has acquired Accomable in order to offer home rentals for disabled travellers. On Thursday, 16th November 2017, Airbnb announced that it had acquired the London startup Accomable to expand home-renting opportunities for people with disabilities, thus making it the latest expansion as Airbnb continues growing its global travel business.

This deal includes roughly adding 1,100 houses and apartment listings which can accommodate guests with physical disabilities, from the website of Accomable. The San Francisco based Airbnb currently lists more than 4 million houses, apartments, rooms, boats and other types of accommodations which guests can rent directly from the owners, and Airbnb takes a cut of the fee.

Airbnb acquires Accomable | iTMunch

Both the companies namely Airbnb and Accomable have declined to disclose the price and terms of their negotiation. Accomable website is similar to Airbnb but only featured properties which are accessible to people with disabilities.

The main motive stated by Airbnb behind this deal and hiring Accomable’s founders and the seven-person staff was to build out Airbnb’s wheelchair-accessible housing inventory. They also aimed at providing complete and more accurate information to their disabled travellers who were often dependant on hotels emailing them pictures of a room to determine its accessibility.

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They further aim to add features which the homeowners can detail in their listings such as whether their homes have elevators or stairs, doorways and bathrooms are wide enough to fit wheelchairs and showers with handlebars and chairs.

Accomable was co-founded by Srin Madipalli who found out after travelling for five months around the world that the information regarding wheelchair accessibility at hotels was inaccurate. Madipalli was born with spinal muscular atrophy which left him without use of legs and limited use of his arms.

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