Google for Education, Google’s educational arm, announced the launch of a new tool targeted to help teachers fight against plagiarism. The company is unveiling  ‘Assignments’, an upgraded version of the previously known software called CourseKit.

The tool will help the teachers to check students’ work to confirm that the text is original and not taken from some other source. When a student’s work is locked and turned in, this feature will be able to check the student’s text against tens of millions of books and hundreds of billions of web pages.

Moreover, in the announcement, Brian Hendricks, product manager for G Suite for Education explained, “today’s students face a very tricky challenge. When they can discover every imaginable idea on the internet, how are they suppose to balance out external inspiration with having genuineness in their work?” Hence, this tool can be useful for students too.

How Students Can Benefit Too

The features in this tool will enable students to compare their original reports up to three times before giving their final work to the teacher.

Moreover, this will give students a chance to see and fix any mistakes, which also saves the teachers time in grading.

Google Assignments helps in identifying plagarism | iTMunch

Part of A Pack 

The upgraded Google Assignments program does much more than only help catch cheaters.

The software joins features of Google Search, Google Docs and Google Drive into a new tool that is mainly targeted on the building and managing of schoolwork, which involves collecting, grading, and the feedback process.

Other Popular Features 

Some of the other features include a comment bank which saves the teachers from typing the same feedback over and over again. 

It also has the skill to assign files to the students without needing the teachers to use a copier.

Google adds that with the plagiarism checker you get a feature called the Originality Reports where the teachers can track missed documents and other issues with a student’s assignment. 

With invites sent out to teachers and various schools over the next few weeks, this plagiarism-checking feature has started beta testing

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