As per the latest marketing news, Blueshift, who are popular as marketing automation experts, have secured funding worth USD 8 million. This funding is reportedly secured to improve the company’s marketing automation services. Apart from this aim, the funding would also be used to build the company’s proprietary Interaction Graph platform.

Interactive Graph Uses

The platform powers Blueshift’s Segment-of-One marketing automation solutions. The graph also enables storing every user’s stream of interactions with products or contents. This service is would be constantly enhanced with additional attributes such as affinity scores, email notifications, push notifications, etc.

Other Benefits

According to the most recent marketing and advertising news, the company says that its solutions can help marketers to tailor their own messages that need to be sent to the customers on an individual basis. This creation of messages depends on factors such as interests of the shoppers, trends and patterns of their purchased products or services and other similar forms of behaviour. As per the company, doing this can cause an increase in customer engagement, at least between three to ten times as compared to the figure present before using the solution.

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Financing Company

The financing was controlled by the venture capital firm called Storm Ventures. This company mainly deals with SaaS, mobile development and cloud enterprise startups. Anshu Sharma has joined Blueshift from Storm a part of the board of directors. This is expected to help guide the company towards better growth.

According to Vijay Chitoor, the co-founder and CEO of Blueshift, Storm ventures have backed numerous other leading companies in the world of marketing. And due to this reason, Blueshift is very thrilled to start with the new phase of business development.

With the help of the revamped automation services, Blueshift’s clients can choose from a variety of merchandising techniques to get out better response from their customers. This can only happen after segmenting the customers and applying collaborative filtering, retargeting and affinity-based content.

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