The human brain is an incredibly powerful machine and a processing unit. But even though we live in an age where technology has developed by leaps and bounds almost every day, we still cannot study some parts of information related to several topics in this world. This is because the pieces of information are so large that our brains are unable to cope up with it.

But, such abilities can definitely be improved by technology such as computers, robotics, virtual reality etc. This can lead to better concentration powers on a creative thinking level so that our abilities to focus on ultra complex thoughts improve.

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According to the latest AI news, Artificial intelligence is a way by which such technologies can be combined under a single umbrella and utilised to improve the human thinking capacity and condition! Research conducted by multiple experts show that in the coming decades, AI will empower mankind to vastly improve the human condition and the state of our planet from an overall perspective.

AI improving the human thinking capacity | iTMunch

The CEO and founder of Blu Ltd., a popular AI consultancy, has suggested the same view mentioned above. This company helps other businesses top harness artificial intelligence. This company helps other businesses top harness artificial intelligence. Fischer was the CFO of Sentient Technologies before Blu Ltd. Sentient Technologies is one of the world’s best-funded AI solution providers.

He explains his thoughts very clearly on this subject. According to him, human civilization is experiencing a revolution, wherein the dominance of technology in our lives is increasing with every passing day. News in AI trends suggests that AI can allow us to vastly process a large amount of data, and compose sensible behavioural patterns depending on these processes. For example, as we are using a lot of natural resources mostly in the form of exploitation, a lot of negative impacts is being caused by the environment. In this case, according to Fischer, AI can be used to determine specific patterns which make us exploit the resources. Using its automated response actions, we can actually start correcting such behaviour and improve the technology being used today so that an overall clean and less polluted scenario can be made to exist.

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