Marketing once upon a time was all about banner ads, in-person events, advertisements through radios, television, by word of mouth or door-to-door. Oh, how the times have changed!

The marketing scenario has completely transformed and there are many software and automation tools being developed regularly. While some may help you enhance your marketing, there are some that might not be suitable for your business at all. With more than 5,000 different MarTech solutions available to choose from, how do you choose the best ones for you? Read the following useful tips to know how to choose the right marketing tools and ace the modern MarTech landscape.

Identify your Strengths

Before you begin implementing any sort of changes it is important to first identify your existing skills. If you have the skills gap in office due to which you are not acing the competition then you need to first begin rectifying these shortcomings. At the same time, it is also important to ensure optimum utilization of your available resources.

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Competitor Analysis

It can never hurt to keep a lookout on your competitors. Competitor analysis will help you understand the marketing tools that may work for your business. You could then consider making use of these marketing technologies in order to increase your conversions through digital marketing. Formulate your digital marketing strategies after a thorough competitor analysis.

Requirement Trumps MarTech Trends

While you may feel the need to include all the latest marketing developments, it is important to create a list based on “must-haves”, “should-haves” and “could-haves”. This will help you understand the tools that you should invest in immediately in order to enhance your marketing. Check out the MarTech scenario before picking up that phone and calling your vendor. Read reviews and research about the tools and then assess your requirement for these tools. For example, you should consider availing Heat Mapping technology for understanding your visitor’s behavior on your website.

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Track your Digital Transformation

Digital transformation begins where marketing meets technology to reshape the way your entire organization functions. While bringing about a digital transformation in your organization keep your customer’s vision in mind and how you can design a unique and smooth experience for your users on the web.

Watch your Costs

Don’t be fooled with every shiny new technology available in the market. While the aim here is to increase your conversions it is also important to keep a track of your return on investments (ROI). Hence it is important to be effective rather than spending loads on new marketing technologies.

Implement, Evaluate and Revise!

The best way to understand if you are achieving your goals is by implementing, evaluating and revising. After you have introduced a new marketing technology in your organization, it is important to track the progress and ensure that the tool is helping you with your marketing strategies. Once you have completed your analysis, ensure that revise your strategy to suit your requirements better.

The arc of innovation from our past marketing methods to current is long and high. Charting out the right roadmap equipped with careful analysis and recommendations will help you ace the modern MarTech scenario.

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