With the increasing competition, Slack has been striving to improve its product, especially for bigger companies. This trend started with the platform releasing an update that provided customers increases security just a couple of weeks ago. 

The company is back with a whole list of new features that cater especially to admins’, making it easier for them to manage communication on Slack. While releasing the updates, the Director of Products at Slack, Ilan Frank, states that large-scale companies have been requesting for certain features that provide them with a cleaner channel. These features also aim to provide companies with consistent data from a trusted source. 

The Uses of Slack’s New Features

Concentrated Announcements 

The purpose of this feature is to enable the admin to send a message to the entire organization through the Announcements channel. Another use of this channel is to let admins determine who should have access to respond to messages, to restrict unnecessary chatter. For example, admins set these channels up as an announcement-only platform, with the selective people in the HR or IT department who can make these announcements. 

An example of organizations using this platform is to convey executive or administration level information, like a change in the HR policy or any software updates. 

The Announcements tool is ready to use for customers with Plus and Enterprise Grid plans. 

Slack launches API for template workspace | iTMunch

APIs for Creating Template Workspaces

Another new feature launched by Slack is introducing new APIs for creating template workspaces. 

This is mostly useful in environments where users create a mass of new spaces regularly. 

While the use of API isn’t new, however, the new feature is the ability to automate the formation and manage connectors programming them with codes. It will permit creating automated workspaces based on the information given in Webforms. 

Build More Advanced Workflows

Slack will also be adding abilities to script for building even more advanced workflows with automated configuration, content, and apps.

Automate Agreement Process

Saving the best for the last, Slack is finally automating the agreement process for tools that are used in Slack channels or workspaces. Hence, now applications that are pre-approved can be added to Slack automatically. However, those who are not on the approved list will have to go through a different procedure for getting approval. 

The approval tools and API will be soon available for Enterprise Grid consumers.

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