The biggest challenge is not to start a business, but to make it successful in the long run. A lot of startups cannot keep up with the market demands or have difficulty surviving the cut-throat competition.

However, there still are many startups that have been able to achieve overnight success and become the most world-renowned brands. So what drives these startups to achieve success? Hard work, faith, patience, skilled employees, unique idea? While all of these are important factors to succeed, they are all ineffective without an excellent marketing strategy.

Internet has become a powerful tool and it has definitely changed the way we do business nowadays. Digital marketing has helped many startups achieve tremendous success. An awesome digital marketing strategy needs seamless implementation with the help of tools and resources for getting more bang for your buck. So which are these awesome tools that every startup should swear by? According to the latest marketing news, we have created a list of awesome tools that can help a startup founder take his business to new heights.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the first tool that every startup needs. This free tool provides with all the important data. It provides vital data such as how many people visited your website, the behavior of your visitors, medium and source used to visit your website etc. All this data can then be analyzed to implement successful marketing strategies. This tool is a must have for all types of businesses; from startups, to small businesses, to large and multinational enterprises. One of the most important steps to using Google Analytics effectively is to master this tool. Along with Google Analytics you should also consider getting Google Tag Manager and Google Adwords Keyword Planner for enhanced marketing.


Mailchimp is a useful tool for effective email marketing. This tool helps you nurture your leads and close deals. It is an extremely easy to use tool and has many free email templates and customisable sign-up forms. You can even track your performance with built-in reports. Their free plan allows you to send up to 12000 emails to 2000 subscribers every month which is ideal for a startup.

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The sheer amount of features of Photoshop while designing banners and ads can feel very overwhelming. Canva simplifies this process by awakening the DIY master inside and creating a simple and effective banner within minutes. This tool is equipped with presets and design templates and organizes its UI around dragging and dropping various elements. With tons of options in photos and fonts it helps you create unique banners and ads for your marketing campaign. This is an extremely useful marketing tool for every startup.


Hotjar is an analytics tool as well but do not confuse yourself into thinking that it is similar to Google Analytics tool. It allows you to delve deeper into visitor behaviour with click, move and scroll heatmaps. It provides useful insights into how your leads are actually engaging with each page on your website and helps you understand how you can improve your page. It is a useful digital marketing tool and allows you to understand the optimum structure for your blog page.

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Every startup needs a website to develop a relation of trust with your potential customers. WordPress is a useful tool that helps you build your entire website, easily creating landing pages with a plethora of plug-ins. While WordPress is associated more with social network than a marketing tool, it is an amazing place to start your blogs.


Smoove takes marketing automation to new levels. It helps you build personalized email templates, set behavior-based triggers on when emails should be sent, and helps attract new visitors through smart landing pages. It is an excellent tool for smart marketing and is an excellent marketing automation platform.


In today’s digital era, there is no denying that social media has become an integral part of digital marketing. It is important to choose the right content to share, at the right moment with right audience. Hootsuite automates these tasks scheduling posts to go on various platforms exactly when you want them. Hootsuite even allows you to schedule up to 350 social media posts all at once.

Marketing may seem overwhelming initially as you start out your business. But, with these tools you can simplify your marketing process making it more efficient and effective.

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