Zendesk obtained Base CRM in 2018 to give consumers a CRM element to go with its core consumer service software. 

After buying the company, it replaced the name to Sell, and now the company declared the launch of the new Sell Marketplace.

What Is Sell Marketplace? 

Formally called The Zendesk Marketplace for Sell, it is a spot where companies can share elements that increase the abilities of the core Sell product. 

Companies such as MailChimp, HubSpot, and QuickBooks are accessible at launch.

Matt Price, SVP, and general supervisor at Zendesk considers the marketplace as a method to spread Sell into a platform play, something he believes could be a “game-changer.” 

He compared it to the result of app stores on mobile phones.

“It is that platform that stimulated and swiftly [changed smart phones] from occurring just a product to [launching an] business. 

And that is what the marketplace is creating now, taking Sell from being a genuinely great sales tool to being capable of managing anything that you want to toss at it because it’s extensible through apps,” Price described.

Price states that this facility to extend the product could prove in many ways. 

For starters, consumers can create separate apps with a modern application development framework. 

This allows them to customize Sell for their unique environments, such as joining an internal system or creating functionality that is unique to them.

Besides, ISVs can develop custom apps; something Price describes that they have been executing for some time on the Zendesk consumer support side. 

Eventually, industry partners can combine connections to their software. 

For example, by establishing Dropbox for Sell, it gives salespeople a method to save documents to Dropbox and link them with a deal in Sell.

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The Competitors 

Of course, what Zendesk is creating here, including Sell Marketplace, is not new. 

Salesforce started this type of app store concept to the CRM world in 2006 when it originated AppExchange.

Although the Sell Marketplace furthermore gives Sell users a way to increase the product to meet their individual needs, and that could show to be a great addition.

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Image Courtesy: Zendesk