If you’ve been working in the digital marketing industry for a while, you’ve probably heard about AdSense, a well known tool by Google that can be used to make money online by allowing advertisements on your blog or your website. It is basically an advertising network using which marketers and bloggers can earn money by simply allowing brands to place ads on their website or blog. However, AdSense is not the only advertising network available out there. In this blog we’ll be covering top 8 Google AdSense alternatives that we think you should consider registering your website on.

Launched in 2003, AdSense is Google’s Pay Per Click advertising program which is used by over 10 million websites across the globe [1]. As of 2020, Google AdSense has a network of over 2 million applications and websites and about 80% of organizations pay key focus on Google Ads for PPC campaigns [2]. It is reliable, lightweight and pays you, as the publisher, a generous share of revenue which is generated from clicks.

Any type of a website can be associated with Google AdSense. The most common type of a website that integrates Google AdSense is a blog. If you’re a blogger and publish high quality, relevant content for a niche audience, your blog can easily get AdSense-approved, Other types of websites that use AdSense are forums and free online tool providers (as it is a great way to monetize and offset the costs with ads).

But what if AdSense is not for you? Whether you’re having issues getting your website approved for AdSense or you have not set up an account for the same, or if you want to diversify your income sources, here are 8 alternatives to Google AdSense you can consider.

8 Best Google AdSense Alternatives

1. Amazon Native Shopping Ads

E-Commerce giant Amazon’s Native Shopping Ads, one of the best Google AdSense alternatives, enables visitors to enjoy the benefit of search results from Amazon straight to your website. It helps shoppers that are really interested in certain products by displaying ads on Amazon website. Using the tech giant’s affiliate program, you can easily generate extra income for a long duration. However, Amazon’s Native Shopping Ads gives you another great way to monetize your blog/website.

Just like ads delivered by AdSense, Amazon Native Shopping Ads are highly contextual. They display only relevant products to audiences, based on keywords and page content. Amazon is one of the most trusted and top ecommerce websites in the world. Conversion rate of Amazon is way higher than any of its competitors. By signing up for its ad delivery network, you will be able to leverage its incomparable traffic as well as conversion rate, which will be ultimately great for you to create an income source with minimal effort.

How do you make money using this Google AdSense alternative? If a shopper makes a purchase after clicking on an advertisement on your website, you receive a commission regardless of whether it was for the product they clicked on.

2. PropellerAds

PropellerAds is an advertising technology, or AdTech, company that offers impactful performance marketing solutions worldwide. This AdTech company was founded in 2011 and offers a powerful network for display and mobile advertising. Through its unique self-serve platform, PropellerAds provides a platform that bridges the gap between advertisers and publishers. With a monthly audience of over 1 billion users and hundreds of thousands of ad campaigns, PropellerAds is one of the biggest Google AdSense alternatives.

The platform has gained popularity rapidly and provides monetization opportunities to both old and new websites. This Google Ads alternative is known for its ‘pop-under ads’. These ads load behind the current browser window and only appear when this window is closed. If this type of ad is too aggressive for you, the platform also offers other targeted as well as non targeted advertising options for desktops. This includes banner ads, native ads and video ads. Moreover, PropellerAds can also deliver ads on mobile websites and mobile apps and is also capable of delivering push notification ads. 

With no minimum requirement on website traffic to get registered, you can activate your account right after creation. The payout threshold occurs monthly, with it being just $5 and through PayPal.

3. Media.net

Run by Yahoo! and Bing, Media.net is a widely accepted and used Google AdSense alternative. Being a leading contextual advertising and programmatic advertising platform, Media.net offers a wide range of display ads along with native ads for mobile and desktops. Monetarily, expect about the same from Media.net what you’d be getting through AdSense. However, to be approved by this AdSense alternative, your blog has to deliver high quality content and must adhere to a professional and clean design. Moreover, Media.net also requires that the better chunk of your traffic comes from the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada.

The adtech company manages an ad supply on more than 500,000 sites and its products and platform is licensed by some of the largest ad networks, publishers and other ad tech firms across the globe. If you’re looking for a contextual ad platform, Media.net is the best AdSense alternative. Its ads enable you to monetize your website content by providing you exclusive access to searches from the network of Yahoo! Bing. The marketplace additionally gives you access to high-quality content publishers so that you can increase your ad revenue exponentially. Payouts happen on a monthly basis and the minimum payout is $100.

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4. Monumetric

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Formerly known as ‘The Blogger Network’, Monumetric is a Google AdSense alternative that’s blogger-centric. It is an advertising network that’s dedicated to content creators and makes sure the ads shown on your blog are appropriate for your readers. The best part is that this blogger-friendly ad network is available to provide you the support when you need it. Unlike most Google AdSense alternatives that run on a cost per click model, Monumetric runs on a cost-per-impression model. This means you are paid a commission when readers see an ad on your blog and not when they click on the ads. Known for its 4 monetization programs, Monumetric has a requirement of minimum 10,000 monthly page views for approval. Minimum payout is $10 through direct deposit or PayPal.

5. Revcontent

Pioneer in native ads, Revcontent has an impressive reputation for having exceptional clients on both advertiser and publisher sides. What’s different about Revcontent is that its designed to match the aesthetics of your blog. Ads by this Google AdSense alternative are extremely targeted so that they easily blend in your blog. Apart from native ads, it also offers display ads, video ads and mobile ads. 

Here’s the catch: Revcontent is extremely selective about who it gets on board it’s platform. Ever more than Google AdSense. To get approved, your website must report a minimum 50,000 visitors and post valuable, quality content on a regular basis. However, it is surely worth a shot, as it pays well. Publishers are paid on a monthly basis and there’s a minimum $50 payout.

6. Bidvertiser

This Google AdSense alternative operates on a bidding system. Instead of placing digital ads automatically, Bidvertiser sells ad spaces on your site to whichever advertiser bids the highest. Pro to this system: If your website gets great traffic and you fit in their niche, advertisers will try their best to outbid each other. Chances are, you might end up making much more money than what you would form AdSense. Con to the bidding campaign system: If advertisers aren’t aware of your website, you might end up noy receiving any bids.

Before trying to get on Bidvertiser, you might want to think about which category your blog falls in. If the bidding system is something that works for you, you will definitely be able to take advantage of the platform’s zero approval restrictions, easy ad customization tool as well as payment for both conversions and clicks. Bidvertiser pays its users monthly and its minimum payout is $10 via PayPal.

7. Infolinks

A global ad tech platform and one of the best AdSense alternatives, Infolinks aims at delivering brand messages directly to engaged users. The platform has a marketplace of more than 100,000 sites which are operating in 128 countries. What makes it different? It offers a unique alternative to display ads – in-text advertising placements. The platform looks for keywords in the body of your blog and associates ads automatically with the most relevant text snippets. When visitors hover over this text, relevant and contextual ads appear next to it. Both new and old blogs can monetize themselves using Infolinks. The best part is that it asks for no setup fees. Moreover, it doesn’t have any minimum requirement in terms of page views. The platform’s payout time is 45 days, minimum payout is $50 via PayPal. It also offers payouts via Payoneer and Western Union.

8. AdThrive

Another Google AdSense alternative that focuses largely on bloggers and runs on a cost-per-impression system. The network works quite closely with its advertisers and publishers to make sure the blogs are only showing ads for great products by exceptional companies. One of the big reasons to join AdThrive is its 75% payout which is directly made to publishers, in addition to it payment guarantee. You’ll always be paid on time and in full, even if the platform doesn’t get paid from advertisers. Sadly, AdThrive isn’t for beginner bloggers as it requires at least 100,000 monthly page views. Majority of these views should be from the US. Minimum payout of AdThrive is $25 for direct deposit and PayPal.

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