Key Points:

  • YouTube is set to roll out many new shopping features to YouTube Shorts.
  • The Alphabet-owned platform is also experimenting with features that are likely to streamline affiliate marketing 
  • Thanks to the new licensing deals, creators can now include 60 seconds of sounds or music, a notable rise from the preview 15 seconds window. 

Your wish is their command. It appears that YouTube is finally addressing one of the main complaints related to filming videos on its TikTok-like feature, YouTube Shorts. Until now, creators could add only 15 seconds of music and audio to YouTube Shorts even though Shorts could be 60 seconds in length. 

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Changes in YouTube Shorts – what can we expect?

We can expect quite a few interesting changes to YouTube Shorts in the next few weeks. For instance, creators can now add up to 60 seconds of sounds and music instead of 15 seconds thanks to the new licensing deals. Besides, users can also sample or “remix” up to 60 seconds from other videos – a noteworthy rise from 15 seconds previously. 

YouTube creators are likely to see the expanded options to add music to their videos in the next few updates in the YouTube app for Android and iOS. YouTube has said that although new licensing is in place, a few songs maybe around 30 seconds in length due to continued licensing restrictions. 

YouTube follows a similar approach used by competitors such as TikTok and Instagram while negotiating with song right owners including distributors, publishers, and music labels before it adds the song to YouTube Shorts. As of now, YouTube has not disclosed much information about the deals it has in place with partners in the music industry. However, the company says that a majority of songs in the audio library will have a max limit of 60 seconds. 

Why is YouTube introducing these changes?

The answer is simple. YouTube is introducing these changes to make YouTube Shorts as popular as Instagram Reels and TikTok. The new features can soon be accessed by all users on Android and iOS. 

How can you access longer songs and sounds?

If you are wondering how you can access longer sounds and music on YouTube Shorts, this section is written just for you. Users will have to hit the “+” sign to start the Shorts camera in YouTube mobile app and choose a song from the library. After picking the song, they will be able to see the duration time, which shows the length of audio they can use for the chosen track. 

In addition, users will have to modify their video recording duration in Shorts camera to use over 15 seconds of audio. It is worth noting that although YouTube is increasing the length of the music and sound, the length of the Shorts will remain at 60 seconds.

Many creators believe that these changes will play a key role in introducing their content to the younger breed of users, who primarily watch Shorts on YouTube. 

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