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Programmatic Advertising Services

Leverage our programmatic advertising services experience in creating and running meaningful digital advertising campaigns at scale. With our seasoned expertise, in-depth knowledge of programmatic advertising and precise audience targeting, we help your brand’s voice reach potential customers you’re aiming for across all your customer touchpoints.


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What is Programmatic Advertising?

Automated buying and selling of online ad spaces is called programmatic advertising. Simply put, Programmatic advertising or programmatic ad buying is the use of software to purchase digital ad spaces. It uses machines and algorithms to buy digital spaces to display ads. Programmatic is a transparent way of advertising online. It tells you exactly where, when and how your money is being spent and makes you in-charge of your online advertising strategy. Programmatic advertising solutions take care of ordering, setting up, executing and reporting of ads. It is a faster, smarter and more efficient way of automating your digital ad requirements. With programmatic, you pay less intermediary fee, keep online fraudsters and bots at bay and buy significantly more and meaningful ad impressions.

Why Choose IT Munch As Your Programmatic Advertising Company?

Programmatic advertising companies should be able to help you optimize your brand’s reach, provide real-time reports, have 100% transparency, enhanced tracking capacity, precise targeting of the audience and the ability to increase the efficiency of your ads. iTMunch is equipped to deliver all of that and much more. Our programmatic advertising solution ensures that your ads are being delivered at the most relevant, contextual and privacy abiding digital spaces, and more importantly, in brand safe environments. 

In addition to precise targeting of the audience, our cutting-edge programmatic advertising solution also possesses real-time ad performance monitoring capabilities, meaning you get regular streams of data which you can analyze as the campaign is still running. Leveraging this, you can analyze the performance of your ad and make changes accordingly, even if the campaign is still on. Out team of programmatic campaign experts can help you achieve your business goals in the most effective manner.


Global reach

Set-Up Time

24 hours turnaround time


Display & Video 360 (Google’s DV360)


Real time updates, Brand safety, 3rd Party Data Provider Integration, Data-driven creatives

How IT Munch works for you?

Making your brand visible

Once we have the concept template ready, our Programmatic ecosystem will allow your brand to be visible on all platforms, devices and formats using a single platform.

Adopting Smart ad buying process

Our programmatic advertising offers smart ad buying solutions so that you can reach your customers effectively across all formats.

Reduce waste interms of ad-spends

Our efficient, systematic smart ad buying process in our programmatic advertising solutions is focused on reducing waste in terms of ad spend. The amount of money you spend on ad campaigns is ad spend. By using our programmatic advertising services, you get access to data you must know about your campaigns. This is because data enables you not just target the right markets but also get more from your ad spend. So, by limiting the number of times an ad is shown to a user, you can drastically reduce your ad spend as well as increase your campaign’s unique reach.

Maximize ROI

Through our programmatic advertising services, we help you deploy creative, attractive ads across multiple platforms, such as Emails, YouTube, mobile applications and more. Through our programmatic services, we help you identify and set clear objectives for your brand. Moreover, you can leverage advanced targeting options to reach your desired audience that helps you maximize your return on investment. You can also check which creatives work with which audiences at different frequencies which further helps you drive ROI and optimize your campaigns.

Like What You See?

If you are interested in programmatic advertising for your business, reach out to us. We are here to assist you to reach your business goals!