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What is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic Advertising is the process that helps you target your intended audience across multiple platforms like mobile apps, emails, youtube.

Why choose IT Munch for Programmatic Advertising?

IT Munch provides intelligent, real time ad buying solutions and maximum returns on your investment.

This helps you manage your campaigns effectively and maximize ROI.


Global reach

Set-Up Time

24 hours turnaround time


Display & Video 360 (Google’s DV360)


Real time updates, Brand safety, 3rd Party Data Provider Integration, Data-driven creatives

How IT Munch works for you?

Making your brand visible

Once we have the concept template ready, our Programmatic ecosystem will allow your brand to be visible on all platforms, devices and formats using a single platform.

Adopting Smart ad buying process

Our programmatic advertising offers smart ad buying solutions so that you can reach your customers effectively across all formats.

Reduce waste in terms of ad-spends

Smart ad buying process also reduce waste in terms of ad-spends

Maximize ROI.

Since it’s now easier to manage your campaigns on multiple platforms, your RoI is maximized.

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