Tech is changing everything. These rapid advances in technology are revolutionizing just about every area of our lives and work, including the space of content. From creation to distribution to consumption, tech is forcing brands to rethink how to use content in the best way possible to their benefit. Since almost half of the global population now has access to the internet.

The way consumers consume content is rapidly evolving, and with that comes an exciting array of challenges and opportunities. It is extremely crucial to specifically focus on the trends that lay ahead for marketing content and its role within an organization. Having a concrete understanding of upcoming trends is important in laying the foundation for defining the content goals within an organization and deciding where resources should be allocated.

In this new year, the role new technologies like AI and voice response will play a major role in various content strategies. How the use of techniques like email, video, and social media might shift; which storytelling formats and platforms will drive the audience’s conversations and lots more. It is estimated that these insights will inspire business owners to take a fresh look at their content activities and be more prepared to tackle the challenges likely to come.

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About Content Expertise

Publishing content through the right mediums and at the right time is the main factor of most successful digital marketing campaigns. It has always been observed that behind every great brand is a wealth of valuable and relevant content that really connects with the company’s audience. But most business owners still have are confused about why is content expertise important? Not to forget, it has always been about content.

Since the very beginning of e-commerce in the late 90s, up until today, practising a business online means capturing and holding onto your audience through your content. Content expertise is nothing but about a forward-thinking vision. With the growth in various industries and as the Internet ages, information has become the prevalent and prominent source of value online. To make matters simpler here is a list of the top advantages of having content expertise, irrespective of the size of the business and the medium used to promote content.

  • Quality content improves brand reputation
  • An important factor in influencing conversions
  • Helps in keeping up with various online campaigns
  • One of the top means to acquire new leads

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Top Trends in Content Expertise

The importance of having a clear knowledge of content for any brand is quite essential. As content is one of the prime factors for a brand’s advertising, having customer-centric yet informative content is nothing but a need to succeed. Over the years as there have been additions in the field of content, not only the way in which content is showcased has changed but the way it is now perceived has also changed and is still changing. As mentioned, last year content expertise saw a change of events, in 2019, following are the main trends that are seen to be rising.

Turning Fiction into Facts

When crafting content to promote on any kind of medium, there has been a new method of finding a connecting thread between fiction and reality to add depth to the content. When any content piece produced that has characters involved, there is certain intricate information that can not be missed out to bring them to life. These characters should be portrayed in a way that will depict what their life would look like in the real world and share those stories. This gives depth to not only the characters but also to the story as a whole. This is known to be one of the very fresh trends that marketers are using to make their content rank and be promotional enough.

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Attention to Details

When a branded content is read, it should be perceived as interesting human stories and not just plain articles. The reasons being, stories resonate with audiences far more than usual day-to-day content. When attention is paid on the minute details of the story as well as characters, the content piece as a whole tends to get a new perspective. This makes the brand stand in ways more than one. More creativity and definitely more credibility is gained by content pieces that focus on minute details.

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Client References as Proofs

Companies have started using their client’s products to create their future content or use them to build the characters in their story in order to accomplish their goals. Some brands also use their product as the storytelling medium itself. This trick proves to be a smart way to showcase their client’s products as well as without turning their content piece look advertorial. For instance, if companies related to IT consider problems related to technology and also tell a story about some of it’s clients facing the same problem and getting over with their found technology.

Brand Journalism- New Found Investment

Journalists have been teasing emotional stories out of broad topics for decades. As a result, this sentiment has carried over to branded content. Consider partnering with a publisher with a legacy of journalism, or task your team with finding unique stories within your company. This is also used it to attract the desired target audience, provide information and build brand awareness. Journalists receive dozens of news releases and pitches every day but write only one per day. This often means that even good stories can fall through the cracks. Having an in-house news setup allows you to publish important information the media may have missed.

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Let Visuals Do The Talking

Including visuals seem to be helping in increasing the likelihood that readers like to engage in any type of content. But telling a story completely through visuals creates a more immersive experience altogether. Visuals can and have proved to instantly convey a message, changing the culture, the news, the entertainment and business as we know it. Working with creators who can be featured in your content, while also creating imagery for it is a win-win. Brands now prefer communicating their strengths through visuals that tend to quickly sort out information in ways plain text cannot. In this way, brands increase the emotional connection with their audience; create appealing concepts while at the same time conveying hidden messages.

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Keeping Up With Social Issues

Speaking about the issues of the day through content is a great effort made by companies to align their brand with important causes. This shows that they share their audience’s concerns. This proves to be a great way to do this is by connecting with individuals affected by an issue in person, such as at an event. Covering social issues builds a loop of readability among the readers which in-turn proves to be beneficial for the brand itself. This not only helps brands grow readers but also helps build a certain pattern to the type of content covered by them. As a result, brands end up staying updated as well as give their readers a fresh type of content on a frequent basis.

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When it comes to content, there are ways more than one medium to convey what needs to be said. The whole things come down to who a company is trying to reach, what resources they have, and then finding a unique message to share with the targeted audience. Content has proved its worth in reaping huge rewards for business & the best part is that 2019 promises more of content being marketed than ever. In one of the researches, it has been it observed that video content, content repurposing and voice search will be ruling over the market in 2019. Since content is something that needs to go market to be recognised, brands not only need to put forward brilliant content strategies but also be in the loop. This will allow them to be in the constant run to deliver quality content and take their business to the next level in 2019.