From making a user-friendly website to optimizing it for search engines, a digital marketer puts a lot of effort in bringing potential customers to their website. Once all this is done, the next step is to convert these ‘potential’ customers into leads for your business. And what is the most efficient way to do that? Yes, by using landing pages.

These pages are an indispensable part of your inbound marketing efforts. This matters especially when it comes to your lead generation activities. iTMunch’s latest marketing blog tells you what, why and how of landing pages. Keep reading to learn more.

What is a landing page?

According to the definition, this is a page allows you to capture a visitor’s information. You can gather this information through a lead-capture form. Visitors from various channels will “land” on this page after clicking on a link.

You can use a landing page to make the most of your marketing efforts in varied ways. For example, for visitors to download your e-books, whitepapers, webinars. Or to redeem free trials, demos, or coupon. Depending on how you curate, integrate and customize these landing pages, you could earn far more conversions; and more revenue for your business.

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How do landing pages work?

Now that you have a basic meaning of what a landing page, let’s go through how it will actually work. Here’s a hypothetical scenario that will show how you can convert a visitor into a lead with just a landing page. Keep reading to find out.

Let’s consider that you are an interior décor expert. Along with designing modern and beautiful homes, you maintain a business blog. In this blog, you write about tips, simple ways, DIYs and tricks about beautifying one’s home. Also, your other marketing efforts include e-books about designing houses and decorating consultations.

Now, let’s say a mother is looking for an interior decorator for her baby online. While doing her research, she comes across one of your blogs about “Dos and Don’ts for kids’ room décor”. As she comes towards the conclusion of your article, she notices a CTA button. This CTA button is a free consultation to help her decide the right kind of interior for her child’s bedroom. “Oh, this is what I was looking for” she thinks, and clicks on the button.

The button takes her to the ‘landing page’. This is where she needs to add some more details to sign up for a free consultation. She fills in her details and clicks on ‘Submit’. Bingo, she is now a potential lead for your business. That’s how easy it is to use a landing page to convert a visitor to a lead.

Landing pages aren’t just limited to conversions. Here are 13 reasons why your business needs these pages by iTMunch. Also, to help you understand this better, we will use the same example above.

Sales -

13 reasons why your business needs landing pages

1. Collect demographics about your prospects

To convert a visitor into a lead, they need to fill a conversion form. (Remember, the one the mom filled after clicking on the CTA button in the example above, a similar one to that). From such details, your sales team can understand the marketing personas of visitors.

2. Understand prospect engagement

Once you get details from the conversion form, your team can use it to identify the engaging prospects. This can help them target and follow up with visitors better, while streamlining other marketing efforts.

3. Boost other marketing channels

A lot of your marketing efforts depends on your content curation. The right kind of page acts like a spine for your content. This is because, you can share it on on social media channels, email campaigns, and much more.

4. Get rid of distraction

Once the mom read your article about decorating kid’s room, she came across a CTA button. This CTA button guided her towards her next step. And she landing up on the conversion form. There was no room for distraction for her. In this way, a landing page removes all distractions, and helps visitors focus on one thing; ACTION.

5. To offer clarity and purpose

A landing page generally consists of a short and detailed form as a final step in the customer’s journey. Your visitors won’t have to figure out what to do next after they land on the page. This page makes it clear and tells them that they need to sign up, subscribe, call, register now or download.

6. Encourage to take an action

Your visitor has clicked on your CTA button and landed on the page. Okay, but what next? Create an effective landing page, which will encourage visitors to take action.

7. Evaluate and optimize

Your website won’t just rely on one landing page, which helps you gather data. There are several ways you can use a landing page to your benefit. Also, you can evaluate which landing page is performing better and optimize the others.

8. Improve paid search campaigns

One can measure the success of the paid campaign based on its click through rates. And you can use landing pages to influence this rate. A good landing page specifically designed for ad campaigns will bring interested visitors to one of the web pages.

Here, they will find information only about what they’re interested. This increases the chances of them calling you or filling out a form. And finally become a new lead.

9. Increase credibility

Since this page offers clarity and encourages user action, optimize its content and other elements to ease this task. When a visitor feels that their next step is clear and you are helping them achieve it, they realize you value them.

10. Grow your email list

As mentioned earlier, these pages are the ‘crème de la crème’ for your lead generation activities. You can get information like the user’s email id, name, phone number, company name, etc. If you use this kind of a landing page, grow your email list easily.

11. Increase your profits

More conversions means more profit! This is how you can use a landing page that encourages user to take an action, get converted into a lead and become a customer. The more leads you have, the more will be your profit!

12. Support your marketing efforts

The main purpose of creating a good page is so that it can support your marketing efforts. This includes promoting free consultations, new products, getting new customers and similar ones.

13. And, reduce your stress

Once you have enough conversions that leads to more profit, you have 90% of things on track. This means you would not have to worry about not getting enough visitors or working on new strategies. This translates to less stress!

The Secret Recipe for a Landing Page That Converts

Now that you understand what a landing page is and why you need it, let’s look at what a good landing page looks like. What are some of its major elements that can make your page drive more revenue? Find out more in the points mentioned below:

A. Headline

According to make sources, 80% of the readers never make it past the headline. Hence, you need a great headline for your page. This line should sum up what is the page about, while being concise. It should always answer the question, “What will visitors who convert on this page receive?”

To create a compelling headline, use tools like CoScedule Headline Analyser. This tool rates your headline and tells you how can improve it. Analyze your headline here!

CoSchedule headline analyzer

B. Copy

Once you have a great headline, you need content that explains your offer to the visitor; while compelling them to take the next step. Instead of writing chunks of words, make sure you use bullet points or numbering. This makes reading and understanding easier.

Create better copy content with simple sentences and get rid of grammatical errors with Hemingway editor. Start editing your content here!

C. Keywords

You cannot overlook this factor, since this is important for your page to rank on search engines. Like any other blog or service page, you need to integrate keywords in your content, meta tags, headers, etc.

To make sure you are using the right keyword density in your content, you can use a Keyword Density Checker by Small SEO Tools.

D. Social media buttons

Sometimes the aim of your landing page can be as simple as spreading brand awareness. And you can do this by integrating social media buttons for Facebook, Twitter, etc. on your page. With a strong social media presence, you can expect more followers, regular visitors and more.

E. Conversion forms

Let’s consider the visitor has landed on your page. But, what next? Do you want them to fill a form, subscribe, or something else? To gain your visitors’ details, your landing page needs to have a conversion or a lead-capture form. This helps converts visitors into potential customers. This is what a conversion form can look like:

Conversion form example for landing pages

F. Engaging media

Would you click on read a page with a white background and black text on it, or the one with graphics and some colors? Often visitors prefer the second one, since it offers something more. Hence, while designing a page, make sure you use media/ images/ GIFs/ that can engage your visitor. Do not forget to conduct an A/B testing to see which font/ colour/ design works better. Here’s what an A/B testing on a landing page software can look like:

A/b testing example for a landing page software


Your landing page is where a visitor has the highest probability of converting into a lead. Hence, the CTA on this page should stand out the most. Make sure the CTA button is in an appropriate size, easy to spot, has compelling content and in the right color. Lear more about adding call to action buttons here!

H. Copy

98% of websites owners use content such ‘sign up’, ‘subscribe’, and ‘download’ on their call to action buttons. Not only does this sound redundant but also does not capture a visitor’s attention. Some of the CTAs that users often can’t help but click are:

  • Want to grow your brand presence online?
  • What’s making your visitors leave?
  • Start a free trial
  • Build a high converting landing page now
  • Give this a try
  • Send me specials NOW
  • ‘Are you doing your SEO wrong? Enter your URL to find out’
  • Let’s start a new project together
  • Follow the magic

To understand what makes these call to actions better than the others and the story behind them, start here!

These are a few ingredients that can help you make a successful landing page! Now that you know what the essentials for this page, learn about some landing page software. These tools will help you get these elements right while offering something more. Keep reading to find out a suitable tool and make more money for your business!

4 Landing Page Tools That Save Your Time and Can Boost Revenue

1. Unbounce

As the name suggests, with this software your landing page won’t ‘bounce’ but convert. Considered as one of the best landing page software available, you can use this to make the most of your marketing campaign without experiencing any tech bottlenecks.

Features that make Unbounce an ideal landing page software:

  • A/B Testing
  • Analytics
  • Drag & Drop
  • Form Creation
  • Real Time Editing
  • Responsive
  • SEO Management
  • Templates

One of features that stands out the most is the Unbounce Page Analyser. With this, you can test your existing landing page’s effectiveness for free! Click here to start now!

Unbounce landing page software

2. Landingi

This landing page platform is suitable for those without any IT or programming skills. Whether it is creating, publishing, A/B testing or optimizing, you can do it all by yourself! Its affordable price and ease of use are the most common reasons, users prefer this software.

Features that make Landingi the most preferred landing page software:

  • 100+ high converting templates
  • Drag and drop editor
  • Image and icon library
  • Numerous fonts
  • Move & copy elements
  • Thank you page
  • Image optimization
  • Form creator & validation
  • Anti-spam security

This software is known to create and customize some of the best landing page designs out there. The image below is what their landing page service looks like. Before you start using this platform, schedule an e-meeting with them for your page here!

Landigi landing page software

3. Instapage

With over a million landing pages at an average conversion rate around 22%, this landing page software is used by 15000 customers globally. As the process of designing is simple here, create pages of your dreams.

Key features of Instapage

  • Customizable templates
  • Confirmation message to the customers
  • Interactive Widgets
  • Font Customization, up to 5000 web fonts available
  • Bigstock Image Library
  • Customizable forms
  • Integration Dashboards
  • Efficient campaign management through page grouping
  • More than hundred landing page templates
  • Click through pages for better conversion rates

This landing page software offers a lot under one umbrella. Some of the notable things you can check are their webinars, blogs about everything digital marketing and podcasts. With this, you get to learn something new while making efficient pages for your business.

Instapage landing page software

4. Launchrock

The first three options offer more or less the same kind of features. But this landing page software is slightly different from the others. You can use this page to create some ‘oomph’ about your product or service. This means you can grab customers’ attention before a launch.

Features that make Launchrock an ideal choice:

  • Modern block-based builder with WYSIWYG and Custom HTML blocks
  • 100% responsive design
  • Signup capture and pre-sale eCommerce tools
  • Social network sharing
  • Launchrock audience discovery
  • Full suite of powerful analytics tools
  • View customer data and referral impact
  • Segment customer lists for more powerful analysis and promotion

Launchrock landing page software

Use this tool to create curiosity among your customers for your new services. You can use headlines such as: Coming soon, Launching soon and similar ones.

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In Conclusion

On a concluding note, it is safe to assume that you have a brief overview about the meaning, working, benefits, tips and recommended tools for your business. But, of course this is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a lot more you can do with a landing page software for your business. They are arguably the best way for better conversion rate for your website.

No matter what kind of a business you run, make sure you make use of this indispensable tool of marketing! And the more landing pages, the better! Make sure to try these tools with the key elements, and we are sure you can paint a greener picture for your business and scale it to new heights. Stay tuned with iTMunch for more such blogs about marketing, finance, HR, IT and AI. Keep coming back for more.