According to the latest tech news, Snapchat has launched an in-app gaming service which will be known as Snap Games. The parent company Snap Inc was looking for new ways for individuals to use the platform as well as new revenue streams that would help the company pull out from its stagnant revenue. One of the ways would be the Snap Games platform that was announced last week. This will enable users to launch and play games right from the Chat bar, all the while interacting with their buddies.

Snapchat launches in-app gaming service known as Snap Games | iTMunch

What is Snap Games?

In a statement released by Snap Games partner Summit, “Eight years ago, we created Snapchat to make talking with your friends faster and more fun. But friendship is more than just the things you talk about. Friendship is also about the experiences you have together — so we’ve been working hard to build an entirely new experience for friends to play together. Introducing Snap Games: mobile games, made for friends!

“You can launch Snap Games right from the Chat bar, allowing you and your friends to instantly play together — no install required. You can see which friends you’re playing with, send them a chat, or even talk live with voice chat. It feels like you’re sitting shoulder to shoulder, playing on the same screen.”

The Launch of Snap Games

The market-ready mobile gaming platform was internally known as ‘Project Cognac.’ It made its grand debut at the first summit for content and developer partners that was held by Snapchat Inc in Los Angeles on April 4. Hardcore gamers will be happy to know that Snap Games will be launching along with six other games such as:

  • Game Closure’s Snake Squad
  • ZeptoLab’s C.A.T.S Drift Race
  • PikPok’s Zombie Rescue Squad
  • Spry Fox’s Alphabear Hustle
  • Bitmoji Party

While all the games are free, gamers will have to watch six-second ads. Snapchat’s big move into the gaming world was widely-anticipated. This came after Snap Inc’s acquisition of Prettygreat, an Australian mobile games developer in 2017. It was followed by another acquisition of a British gaming startup called PlayCanvas.

The Future of Snapchat

Although last year was full of ups and downs for Snapchat, results have shown that the company’s user base has remained steady. In addition to Snap Games, the company unveiled a new ad network called the Snap Audience Network. It also launched a bunch of original shows as part of the push of Snapchat Originals premium video.

What does all this mean for the company? All these new features can help Snapchat garner more time and attention from their user base and increase appeal for advertisers. With the in-app gaming platform, Snap Game users will have access to the original games that will only be available on Snapchat and through group chats. By combining mobile gaming and messaging, Snap is laying the groundwork for the app to become a third place or virtual hangout where users can hang out with their buddies in fun virtual settings.

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