As the tech industry is progressing, it is showing its effect on all the possible industries including, healthcare, marketing, and finance is no exception. To keep up with the latest trends, TD Ameritrade, an investment service company has launched an in-vehicle feature that allows individuals to check their stock market status while on the go.

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The new feature introduced is said to be an effort by the company to bring market access and information to investors in even more places. TD Ameritrade’s new feature is surely going to help investors to make quick decisions related to their stock even when they are driving or stuck in traffic. Read on to know more about the advancement.

About TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade is a company providing investment services across the world. The company was set up back in 1975 and is now a strong team of 10,000 committed employees. Currently, it serving more than 11 million clients with a total of approximately $1.3 trillion in form of assets, custodial services. TD Ameritrade has a total of 7,000 registered investment advisors.

Most of the company’s trades happen through mobile phones and it is now executing an average of approximately 850,000 trades per day for all their clients. The company functions on the basic idea of bringing in cutting edge technologies. With their one-on-one client policy, they aim to transform lives and make investing better and faster for the finance world to embrace.

TD Ameritrade In-Vehicle Finance Solution

TD Ameritrade has introduced an in-vehicle feature solution for people to have a close check of their investments even while traveling. The company has previously launched a voice-activated investing on Amazon Alexa-enabled devices. This in-vehicle solution is integrated with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Echo Auto and is accessible for car owners.

TD Ameritrade’s solution aims at keeping track of the latest financial market news in real-time. It uses the TDAN Radio app from the TD Ameritrade Network to stay up-to-date. Drivers using Andriod Auto and Echo Auto platforms can make use of voice commands to access market performance summaries as well as sector updates. It is also possible to listen to real0time quotes, check account balances, portfolio performance and much more.

The company’s target is to work in order to bring market access and information to investors at more convenience. The solution is surely a new type of connectivity that further breakdown barriers for accessing financial education and markets. Officials at TD Ameritrade expressed that this solution is their representation of using complex technology for services like an investment and build, an unprecedented collaboration momentum for themselves in the growing competitive market.

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