Role of information technology, importance of information technology, information technology careers, The latest news in the Railways sheds light on the importance of IT.

A senior officer recently revealed that soon passengers travelling premium trains will be able to rate on tablets the food served to them under a scheme.

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The IRCTC currently takes feedback either on an on-board suggestion book, or through its twitter handle, which is quite popular. Another option that passengers have to complain about bad food is the 139 helpline number.

According to IRCTC chief spokesperson Pinakin Morawala, all these services will be functional along with the new system. He said, “On a trail basis, the tablet was used for the first time on the Ahmedabad-Delhi Rajdhani on 15th September, 2017. They system will be formall launched on the Mumbai Rajdhani in a couple of weeks. This will help us be more specific with the redress of complaints and suggestions. We will be able to gauge the rate of customer satisfaction as well as grade the suggestions”.

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He also mentioned that the Railways is looking for an offline version of the scheme to deal with erratic networks or Internet problems. Along with posing a series of questions to determine the food experience on the journey, the software also records the name, phone number and train details of the passenger.

The passengers will be asked to rate different aspects of the food being served based on quality, quantity, presentation, staff behavior and overall satisfaction – on scale of 1-5. If the rating is three of less on any count, the passenger will be asked further questions on specific problem areas – taste, appearance and others.

Morawala further went on to say, “As of now, we are targeting 10 per cent of passengers in a train for feedback. Eventually we might increase our target.”

Around 100 tablets have so far been given by the Railways to on-board supervisors of the IRCTC in different railway zones for recording customer feedback.

Once recorded, passengers will get a message on their mobile phones, thanking them for the feedback and checking if the information provided to the Railways is genuine. Making use of the role of IT, this would ensure that the feedback is not being manipulated.

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