According to the latest startup news, a Chicago based company Chowly has raised nearly $4.7 million. The company aims to raise a total of $5.8 million.

This Chicago company plans to supersize in order to make its presence felt in the restaurant industry. Chowly participated in a round led by MATH Venture Partners and witnessed various other participants such as Valor Equity, Chicago Ventures, Hyde Park Venture Partners and M25 Group amongst other investors.

The software created by Chowly bridges the gap between online food ordering systems and a restaurants point of sale. Currently, this gap can be bridged only manually by pulling orders from other applications such as Uber Eats, Grubhub and Door Dash.

Chowly - Online food ordering app | iTMunch

However, Chowly plans to make this process simpler and more efficient helping restaurants better manage the influx of delivery orders with the help of these applications.

The CEO of Chowly, Sterling Douglas says, This is a round really based off of and focused on, growth and the funds that will be used predominantly for hiring more sales reps, operations team members and developers.”

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He further added, “About 98 percent of a restaurant’s interaction with these tablets is order entry, and automating that process has been our main focus and we’re going to continue to focus on improving that experience while also offering support for that other two percent of tablet interaction.”

“We’re looking to add as many restaurants onto the platform as we can, both SMBs and enterprise clients,” said Douglass. “We’ve made great progress in our enterprise sales process and product offering, and we’re excited to put fuel on the fire and get some more growth.”

The main aim of this company will be to maximize the opportunity and helping restaurants prevent operational nightmares.

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