There are so many scandals happening around the quality of tap water these days. This problem is very evident, particularly in the U.S., where several people are switching to bottled water to drink. 

But this demands single-use plastics that are creating havoc on the environment.

A startup in Europe, Mitte, believes it has the answer, which is filtering water straight from the tap. 

Despite not having started production, the company has inflated $10.6 million in a seed round. 

Why Could Oollee Be Better? 

A current U.S.-based startup assumes it has a competitive resolution.

Oollee equips people with an endless supply of filtered drinking water for a small monthly fee. 

It has now raised $1 million in pre-seed funding from investors which includes Mission Gate Inc. and Columbus Holdings.

The concept is that with regular filters, people tend to overlook in maintaining them and therefore, the water quality deteriorates. 

With oollee, preservation and cartridge replacements are covered in the monthly fee. 

To subscribe it charges $29 per month that is like less than $1 a day.

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How Does Oollee Work? 

Oollee applies the Reverse Osmosis method, where water is pushed across a semipermeable layer, leaving contaminants behind, which are then washed down the drain. 

The fresh drinking water accumulates in a holding tank. 

Usually, the fitting and maintenance of an RO filter is expensive and is too cumbersome for a home.

Umit Khiarollaev, the CEO and co-founder of oollee, says that the small device connects to Wi-Fi and enables customers to watch the water. 

The app prompts the users to replace the filter part and allows them to place an order for new filters with just a single click. 

Users can additionally check the water condition, volume, temperature, and other parts.

The oollee water filter purifies water in four steps, re-introducing necessary minerals in the last step.

Their competitors are all significant bottled water or smart filter manufacturers. These include delivery services such as Nestlé or Alhambra and the tech giant Xiaomi in China with water filters.

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