According to the latest HR news, the job market has become even more competitive than ever throughout the UK. A new research conducted has revealed that SME’s are having a difficult time looking for enthusiastic young candidates for roles, with many not even having any previous work experience.

The research conducted by 500 business decision makers by Arch Apprentices has provided valuable insight into the essential qualities of potential employees. Of all those who participated in the survey, 93% thought that work experience and career advice should be compulsory in schools in order to groom them for the corporate world.


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When hiring for employees within their business majority of participants (74%) looked for enthusiasm, followed by (61%) saying they prefer hiring someone who has a good understanding of the role, 54% saying they prefer someone with relevant work experience and (34%) saying they prefer someone with no work experience at all.

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However, the research further stated that finding these qualities within young candidates wasn’t always easy and almost half (43%) struggled to find enthusiastic young people to take positions. 39% stated that majority of their applicants have limited experience in the workplace and 28% believe a majority of applicants have irrelevant qualifications.

Arch apprentices are calling on their current government to reinstate purposeful work experience for all children as well as provide up to date advice and guidance about their future career options.

The research also revealed that (68%) employers believe that work experience helped prepare young people for business and (64%) will help them boost their skills according to business requirements. Over half (57%) also believe that it’s important to install a strong work ethic.

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