To retain talent, the beverages and snack major PepsiCo India has introduced the location-free work arrangement. This arrangement is to create opportunities for those that would otherwise be held back due to mobility constraints. This company has come up with new agnostic roles, wherein employees based in different PepsiCo locations will be able to take up a role, which would previously require relocation to a new city or a country.

Based on the feedback provided by the company’s employees last year, it was found that creativity, a dynamic work environment, and leadership opportunities mattered most to its talent, according to the vice president-HR at PepsiCo India. However, it was also seen that there is an increasing number of associates who have short-term or long-term mobility constraints; which could be due to dual careers, children in critical schooling years or aging parents. This led the company to create new opportunities for employees while providing them the flexibility to manage their personal lives.

Although this initiative was started in India, it was supported by other regions within PepsiCo’s Asia, Middle East and North Africa (AMENA) sector. The location-free arrangement has identified global roles so far across various functions including, HR, global procurement, supply chain, business and information solutions (BIS), and research and development (R&D).

PepsiCo has 17 employees in location-fee roles as of now. Among those who have already taken up such roles are Pavitra Singh, Deepak Gupta, Avantika Susan Nigam, and Madhumita Chakraborty. According to Suchitra Rajendra, vice president-HR, this kind of a work arrangement gives them the opportunity to retain key talent, which they would have otherwise lost; while strengthening their employer value proposition.

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Image Courtesy: Pepsi