According to the latest startup news, The Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2) has accepted Blue Canoe Learning as a part of its new incubator program. Blue Canoe Learning is a Seattle-based startup building AI technology, which can help non-native English speakers improve their pronunciation.

This news is making headlines, as AI2 that is created and funded by the Microsoft CEO- Paul Allen has for the very first time expanded the incubator program to let in outside start-ups.

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About the Startup

Founded in 2016, the Seattle-based startup has developed an app that uses speech recognition and machine learning to help individuals learn and understand English. Blue Canoe Learning CEO Sarah Daniels who has been a marketing executive at companies such as DreamBox Learning, Market Leader, explains that the main purpose of the app is to help their speaking employees; who cannot speak English.

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She also added, there are employees working at the entry-level call centre, who need to communicate with clarity and empathy over the phone. As well as, highly-paid engineers who need to discuss projects with colleagues, customers, etc. Companies with these kinds of employees already spend a huge amount on English language training but do not get the expected results.  In order to improve the last “mile” of pronunciation learning, the startup is making use of the Colour Vowel System. This system is a method used by top institutions such as Harvard and Peace Corps that focuses on visual, kinesthetic, musical and rhythmic parts of the brain that help train language skills.

According to AI2 CEO Oren Etzioni, Blue Canoe Learning has done a great job coming up with an app that uses machine learning that solves problems and delivers immediate personalised feedback for non-native speakers to identify and fix their pronunciation errors.

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