A subtle announcement made by Google on Twitter said that it is planning to roll out new AI features for its Lens platform. Keep reading to learn more about this latest tech update.

All about Google Photos’ new upgrades

This AI feature will allow you to search your Google Photos library for the text that appears within photos and screenshots. After searching the text, you will be able to easily copy and paste it into a note, document, or any other form.

How did Google come up with these new features?

Both these new features are created by using a technique known as Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Be it a screenshot or a photo of a physical sign or document, with the copy/paste option building on Lens’ existing, it can understand and pull out the text found within photos.

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When will the new feature rollout?

According to 9to5Google, this feature is now available only on some Android devices. You might already be able to search for text in your photos using Google Photos on the web. As mentioned in its blog, Google is placing the Lens feature is not only a way to easily snag a confusing Wi-Fi password, but it can also be used to search any portion of text from any photo or screenshot in your Google Photos library on a case-by-case basis.

Although, the more impressive feature, is that it can search for any snippet of text without having to pick a photo first. This means that Google is executing an OCR on your entire photo collection automatically. This feature seems to be related to the one which was announced back during Google’s 2017 I/O developer conference. 

During that time, the CEO, Sundar Pichai, celebrated a new, in-the-works feature that uses the AI-powered Lens camera to understand the context of a photo. This way, you could place your smartphone’s camera at a router’s password sticker and get connected automatically to the Wi-Fi.

Since that time, Google Lens has added the new abilities to search the web for photos of menu items or add contact information from a business card to your address book, and all in the manner of different tricks related to OCR.

But all these new Photo features seem to like a more large-scale deployment of the AI technique, which is done on a user’s entire library to make it searchable and to give the ability to pull text out of photos.

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