According to the latest tech news, the UK’s biggest cinema chain is launching ScreenX, an immersive sensory cinema experience. This experience includes introducing a 270-degree screen while watching a movie in the theatre. The 270-degree screen technology was developed first by a Korean company called CJ 4DPLEX.

The chain has partnered with UK company Cineworld with an aim to bring the technology to 100 of its cinemas, starting with Cineworld Greenwich in the O2 this week.

Speaking about the launch, CJ 4DPLEX’s CEO Byung-Hwan Choi, said: “We know cinema is all about the experience and for this reason our technology is designed to connect cinemagoers more closely with the action.

“ScreenX mimics how the human eye interprets a visual by appealing to both our front and peripheral vision. It honors our commitment to break cinematic boundaries and create amazing cinema experiences.”

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How Does the ScreenX Technology Function?

Usually, a normal cinema hall consists of one projector that is responsible for projecting the film on a single screen. What separates this technology from the normal, is that there will be a total of five projectors. To create an immersive experience, the four projects will be projecting on sidewalls and a single projector will be responsible for the main wall.

The main functionality of this technology is that the software can blend multiple images together into one image that will be extending from the screen out. Meanwhile, the side walls of the cinema would be covered with a special fabric that will ensure the brightness and color match the contents displayed on the main wall. Along with this, the speakers would also be strategically placed throughout the theatre for optimal sound effects.

Currently, a few films such as Black Panther and King Arthur: Legend of the Swords that were shot in a specific way to ensure the panoramic image quality of ScreenX, could be watched on this screen.

270-degree screen technology in movie theaters | iTMunch

What Would It Be Like to Watch A Movie on This Screen?

Initially, when viewers had the chance to enjoy a 20-minute preview of this screen. It was noticed that this screen came across some technical issues such as sound problems etc. However, many claimed to enjoy this experience as it made them feel like they were submerged in the ocean thriller.

However, with the popularity of the ScreenX, it is expected that the technology will continue to improve and change the dynamics of a movie experience. ScreenX is Cineworld’s answer to Netflix’s popularity and preference. The Korean company and Cineworld hope to bring this technology to 100 of its cinemas.

Many feel that there is a still a long way to go since the industry lacks films that are available in the 270-degree format and the price of the ticket is also high. A ScreenX ticket could burn a hole in the pocket by costing almost USD 20.

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