Microsoft build conference 2021 is here with their annual developers conference which will be held virtually again this year in May. Several rumored dates were previously floating around regarding this event, but now it’s official. It has been published on Microsoft’s public events page. Owing to the pandemic, this year too it will be a virtual event. Microsoft’s main larger events are supplemented with several small virtual meets like “What’s Next for Gaming”. It is a gaming event that was held in April just in time before the Microsoft Build 2021. Some other virtual events this year that have been building up to this major event were “What’s Next for Industry”, where Microsoft launched some of its vertical cloud bundles also some upcoming events later this year are “What’s Next for Security”. The rapid rise in the tech industry has made Microsoft actively engage in promotional event to keep up with the market trends. Microsoft Build conference 2021 can be expected to include some key content like Windows 10X, Windows 10 21H2 while recent other events have focused more on Office, Azure, Power Platform and IoT rather than on Windows.

This event invites young developers to learn, connect and code together in this digital age. They are offering a platform to find collaborated solutions, sharpen their skills, and much more that developers can add to their toolbox. It’s the event of the year that developers are looking forward to. With a power pack panel of 11 influential speakers in the business, Microsoft Build 2021 dates 25th, 26th and 27th of May, is the place to be.

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Some leading names on the panel include Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft; Amanda Silver, CVP of product developer tool, Microsoft; Donovan Brown, Partner Program Manager, Microsoft; Kyla Cinnamon, Project Manager, Microsoft, Scott Guthrie, EVP, Cloud and AI group, Microsoft; Leslie Richardson, Project Manager II VS and .Net, Microsoft; Scott Hanselman, Partner Program Manager, Microsoft; Jeff Teper CVP-Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint Microsoft; Anna Hoffman, Data & Applied Scientist, Microsoft; Rajesh Jha, EVP, Experiences + Devices, Microsoft; Kevin Scott, CTO Microsoft.

The participants can look forward to find innovative solutions, connect with the tech community, connection zone, one-on-one consultations, as well as an excellent opportunity for students who will get a good exposure.

Microsoft Build 2021 dates from 25th to 27th will follow the below given agenda:

Day 1: 25th May 2021

The session starts from 8.00 am PTD with welcome note and a keynote speaker will be Satya Nadella along with other Microsoft executives will discuss tools and platforms for developers to create productive solutions for hybrid work.

This will be followed by “Dive deeper into the headlines from the keynote” which will be a technical session based on your current role, and interest with live question and answer. After this there will be connect with your global community in small group sessions, community led table topics focusing on the local leadership and so much more.

There will be an “Imagine Cup World Championship”.

The second half of the day will resume with a breakout session which will actually allow the participants to choose the session that is best suited for their interests and roles along with interactive question and answer sessions. Later in the evening there will be an introduction to Microsoft Build. The session will conclude with connect zone where you get a chance to connect with the global tech community in local session.

Day 2: 26th May 2021

Day 2 will again begin with Satya Nadella talking on tools for develops followed by dive in conversation with experts about humans in IT that will include inspirational stories. After the connect and learning session same as day one there will be a breakout session which is the best opportunity to select a discussion that best suits the participants needs and roles. The next segment will start with welcoming Microsoft Build day 2. The key highlight of day 2 will be Microsoft into the focus that will feature Scott Gunthrie, Rajesh Jha and Scott Hanselman. This will be followed by keynote speaker Kevin Scott who will discuss the future of technology.

Both halves of the day conclude with the community connect where the global tech community connects on local level giving a chance to local key players to present their ideas.

The discussion with experts is a chance for the attendees to get insights in cloud, desktop, mobile and web development directly from the industry giants.

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Day 3: 27th May 2021

Day three will also see a similar trend in the flow of sessions where the Keynote speaker Kevin Scott will take a lead in discussing the future of technology with the aspirants who want to be a part of developer’s community. The break out session like other two days will focus of the growth, roles and opportunities for the participants especially in their area of interest.

The day and Microsoft Build 2021 will conclude with community connect that has brought all the participants and aspiring developer from different parts of the globe. These will be small group discussions, with community lead discussions, table topics and so much more.

The one on one approach in the conference will provide an exclusive opportunity to the participants to connect with Microsoft professionals. The product sessions will be a face to face with the product teams and the customers giving a real time idea between the demand and development to come together.

These Microsoft Build are primarily aims at gathers the best minds in developer community, it generally may not discuss hardware. But it is believed that Microsoft Build 2021 may use this opportunity to discuss new aspects of Windows 10 and associated software products like Microsoft Office and Microsoft Edges.

Highlights of Microsoft Build 2020

Before 2020 and the global pandemic situation these Microsoft Build were conducted in Seattle where developers around the world would gather to meet, exchange ideas, share skills and Build a global developer’s community. Though from 2020 these conferences are shifted from physical to virtually it has actually proved beneficial for a larger population of developers who were unable to attend these events physically. The topics for this virtual event in 2020 were heavily influenced with changing work environments, giving a peak into the role of developers in these daring times and the new tools that will help developers to design and deliver technologies that are in most demand. There was also emphasis on solutions within Azure, M365 and Windows. Also one of the key notes were on  working ethically and within boundaries of rapidly evolving use of Artificial Intelligence in almost all fields.

The highlights of 2020 were the Azure Synapse link, Platform enhancements in Microsoft teams, responsible ML tools in Azure Machine Learning. They also announced the world’s most powerful AI supercomputer which is Build to train massive distributed AI models. Along with introduction of Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare that is created to optimize patient engagement and connecting the caregivers with their patients and other experts to improve decision making, save critical time and help in early treatments.

So for both the young and experienced minds in technology Microsoft Build 2021 is the place to be!

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Image Courtesy: Ben FranskeCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons