NordVPN, a virtual individual network provider that guarantees to “preserve your privacy online,” has verified it was hacked.

The statement comes following the rumours that the company had been breached. 

It first appeared that NordVPN had an expired internal private code revealed.

They are potentially enabling anyone to turn out their servers mirroring NordVPN.

What Does A VPN Do?

VPN providers are more popular as they provide privacy from your internet provider and visiting sites regarding your internet browsing traffic. 

That is why journalists and activists usually use these services, especially when they are working in hostile situations. 

These providers send all of your internet traffic through one encrypted channel, causing it more hard for anyone on the internet to view which sites you are visiting or which apps you are using. 

But usually, that means replacing your browsing history from your internet provider to your VPN provider. 

That has left multiple providers open to scrutiny, as it is not clear if every provider is logging all sites a user visits.

What Happened With NordVPN?

For its role, NordVPN has maintained a “zero logs” plan.

The company states that they don’t track, obtain, or share your private data.

But the breach is expected to cause fear that hackers may have been in a situation to access some user data.

NordVPN mentioned that one of its data centres was obtained in March 2018. 

NordVPN spokesperson Laura Tyrell said that one of the data centres in Finland they are renting their servers from was located with no authorization.

The attacker got access to the server which had been running for about a month by using an unsafe remote control system left by the data centre provider.

NordVPN said it was ignorant that such a system existed and did not specify the data centre provider.

NordVPN hacked | iTMunch

The company authenticated it had installed intrusion detection systems.

It is a standard technology that companies use to identify new breaches.

But “no-one could identify an undisclosed remote management system issued by the data centre provider.

They paid millions on ads, but nothing on adequate defensive security.

TechRadar and PCMag lately suggested NordVPN. 

CNET called it as its “preferred” VPN provider.

It is also assumed that many other VPN providers may have been breached about the same time.

A spokesperson for TorGuard told that a “single server” was settled in 2017 but denied that any VPN traffic was obtained. 

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