Droughts, floods and wildfires are making headlines for quite some time, in California, especially in LA. Experts have also predicted that the extreme heat days can triple by the middle of the century.

According to the latest news, start-ups in and around the city have gathered to find a solution to keep LA cool, while making profit. One of the examples of such businesses is Local Roots, which turns shipping containers into hydroponic farms. Brandon Martin, vice president of business development wants to be the first company to grow food on Mars.

Engineers from Elon Musk’s Space X have analysed how this start-up uses sensors, algorithms and machine learning to transform 40ft containers into the equivalent of 3-5 acres of farmland while using 97% less water. This makes it clear the start-ups in LA are coming up with ways to solve environmental challenges while opening other markets on a heating planet.

According to the latest news, start-ups in LA are expected to tackle climate change.

Mike Swords, vice president of government relations for Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (Laci), a public-private non-profit that mentors start-ups, said that LA is a huge opportunity to demonstrate their technologies. If a start-up is capable of demonstrating that it can solve problems here, that company will have a good chance to export it to other areas worldwide.

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Some of the other companies fighting for the same issue are GuardTop, Ice Energy, etc. The former company makes CoolSeal, a reflective street surface, which can reduce temperatures by more than 10F. While the former one makes air conditioning units that store energy and can cool homes without using electricity.

These are a few start-ups that can help contribute the current climate scenario in Los Angeles. Sword wants to bring the best cleantech start-ups and help them grow.

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