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AINews-AIKmart Aus partners with Cohesio Group to deploy Android Voice solutions

Kmart Aus partners with Cohesio Group to deploy Android Voice solutions

Kmart Australia has signed a deal with Australian supply chain technology developer Cohesio Group to establish Android Voice solutions in the retailer’s fulfilment centres to meet the increasing customer demand. The partnership will make Kmart Australia the first Australian retailer to deploy Android Voice solutions in its distribution centres.

Melbourne-based Cohesio Group said that the deployment is one of its kind in Australia and would support KHub stores and KMart stores opening from July. Basically, the Aussie tech company is establishing robotic voice solutions in Kmart fulfilment centres to help meet increasing customer demand for e-commerce. Nishan Wijemanne, Cohesio founder and CEO, says the technology can increase efficiency and productivity by 30-50%.

About Android Voice deployment

Based on Honeywell’s Guided Workflow Solution, the deployment was arranged in less than 4 weeks. In the previous months, Kmart has experienced significant growth through its instore and online channels. Cohesio says their solution will help Kmart meet its retail fulfilment goals in a more productive way. According to the CEO, training operators on their new solution takes less than one hour.

The benefit of this technology is that Kmart distribution centre employees will no longer be required to spend time looking at picking slips. Instead, they could listen to order details as they continue to pick and pack. Cohesio says the Android Voice solution they provide will give the user more information about location and order details. It will also offer the picker a product image which is proven to help them to make faster and more accurate decisions. 

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More on the announcement


Oliver Blombery, supply chain general manager Kmart Australia, says they’ve experienced unprecedented growth across their operations and they want to provide their customers with a great seamless shopping experience. By signing this deal with Cohesio, they have increased their accuracy, efficiency and productivity, he adds. 

Wijemanne says the solution is a scalable and flexible investment towards expediting and improving the workflow of the DCs. The solution is a perfect fit for retailers like Kmart who tend to experience shifts in demand, he adds. 

Cohesio Group and Kmart have a strong business relationship that goes back 6 years. Kmart is Cohesio’s legacy customer and through this partnership, they have been able to innovate together.  Wijemanne says that they work with Kmart to consistently push boundaries and explore opportunities for improvement constantly. They have been a trusted advisor to the Kmart and are proud to work with Australia’s leading retailer.

Cohesio Group is an Australian company that designs, delivers and integrate software solutions that allow workflow and process optimization. The company helps in converting innovating ideas into ground-breaking solutions that help mitigate risk and loss of revenue and assets through their solutions. They help companies improve their workflows by creating solutions to operate efficiently which ultimately delivers better results for their customers.

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