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Boston based startup Carbon Relay is making head turns with its launch on the 29th January, 2019. The company, backed by Taiwanese giant Foxconn International, is going to be responsible for greatly altering carbon emissions in companies’ very own backyard, which is, their data centers.

Read on to know more about this AI news and its impact on the generation of carbon footprint and how it improves energy efficiency for companies.

The Need for Energy Efficient Data Centers

Energy costs make up for about 40 percent to 60 percent of the cost of running a data center, just in the United States. There are HVAC systems (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) within data centers. They consume nearly 40 percent of all energy. This is because their main function is to regulate temperature, humidity and other variables, and these variables can shift every few seconds.

The computing demands in the tech world are responsible for 3 percent of overall energy consumption. The addition of newer technologies such as Bitcoin to the industry could be another half percent added to the figure in the next few years, according to Carbon Relay’s chief executive, Matt Provo.

The total grosses up to $25 billion in spending on energy per year across the tech industry, Provo says.

The existing energy management tools and consultative methods companies use cannot track, understand, predict or control enough of the variables that are associated with the energy used by HVAC systems which would help them yield efficiency solutions of more than three to five percent.

What does Carbon Relay do?

Carbon Relay’s products are now available for sale. They leverage advanced data science, deep reinforcement learning and augmented intelligence. Carbon Relay delivers proven ways for finance and operations executives that are responsible for large data centers and helps them in achieving tremendous energy efficiencies.

These processes reduce carbon emissions greatly and also prove to be a cost effective option for companies. This helps data centers meet the growing operational and regulatory requirements, which they are being increasingly pressurized to do.

Dr. James Cash, has served on the Boards of Walmart, Microsoft, GE and State Street, and who is currently a backer for Carbon Relay.

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Products Offered by Carbon Relay

Carbon Relay offers two products:

  • Optimize
  • Predict

These products collect information from customers’ existing IoT platforms. They then use this information to leverage their massive data sets and data visualization platforms. After which, they control the industrial HVAC systems present in companies’ data centers continuously and automatically with continuous decision making.

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