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JazzHR to make recruitment process GDPR-compliant

According to the latest HR news, JazzHR, a recruitment solution provider has introduced new features which will help customers maintain GDPR compliance. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is introduced by the EU to strengthen security measures around customer/employee/user data usage.

The company has brought this into effect with their recent privacy policy and enhanced data protection. JazzHR is mainly involved in working with small and medium-sized businesses, a segment that is growing rapidly.

GDPR Complaint by JazzHR | iTMunch

In an interview, JazzHR’s CFO, Brit Hutchins said that as a customer-first organization that works with more than 4,000 employers globally, securely protecting their customers’ data and privacy is their priority.

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A few of the updated functionalities for making their privacy policy GDPR compliant include:

a. Bulk deletion: deleting past or irrelevant candidate data, improving storage efficiency

b. Customer data deletion: If a customer does not wish to have an account on JazzHR anymore, their data can be easily be deleted upon request.

c. Secure job board pages: All job boards would not be encrypted, which will help protect the integrity and confidentially of data.

Along with GDPR compliance, a few of their new features could be useful for small and medium-sized companies to accelerate their hiring efforts and improving their database.
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Aditi Gade
Aditi Gade
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