Being in the digital age, there is no doubt that sky is the limit for the technology sector. With so many developments and advancements happening faster than you can read this sentence, it is no surprise that tech is the biggest buying opportunity on the market right now. In spite of hitting a few lows, the sector has seen many better and exceptional days.

While it is recommended to not put all your eggs in one basket you should own a smattering of the best tech stocks of 2018 for a robust portfolio. If you are looking to diversify your portfolio by exposing it to the technology sector, then read about the following top technology stocks that you can invest in 2018.

1. Tech Stocks of Micron Technology

Micron Technology doubled in 2017, yet their shares are still cheap and affordable. The revenue growth of this company has compounded by roughly 20 percent annually over the last five years, which is higher than 80 percent of tech companies that are worth over $2 billion. A high risk is associated with this company. However, for people who can tolerate the risk associated with this profile, this memory chip company is one of the best tech stocks to purchase in 2018.

2. InterActive Corp Tech Stock

InterActive Corp (IAC) is a leading media and internet company and have more than 150 brands and products. IAC is one of the best tech stocks to invest in since majority of its stakes are in two spun-off public companies namely, Match Group (MTCH) and ANGI Homeservices. These stocks itself are worth more than IAC, about $1 billion.

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3. Intel Corp Tech Stocks

Many investors and analysts worried that Intel Corp would eventually reach its saturation point and begin its downfall. However, Intel turned around and has wisely diversified into exciting new growth areas. Intel is a smart stock investment and trades at 17 times earnings and pays a 2.4 percent dividend.

4. Tech Stocks by GOGO

Gogo is a Chicago based wireless company which hasn’t still reached the net worth of $1 billion. It is a small cap stock with high-risk and high-reward. This business offers in-flight connectivity and entertainment and in late 2017 signed a major contract with Hong Kong airline Cathay Pacific. Gogo’s growth and current insider buys to make it an attractive choice for investment.

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5. Nvidia for smart tech stock investment

Nvidia Company supplies carmakers with artificial-intelligence technology, semiconductors and sensing technology. This company has dominated the market for a long time with powerful graphics-processing chips that can be used in computers and video game systems. Nvidia is a company to watch for and a smart tech stock investment.

6. Qualcomm Tech Stocks

Qualcomm is originally a chip making company, but are expanding into the auto industry as well. Along with its Snapdragon lineup of processors, Qualcomm’s auto industry could get a big lift too. Qualcomm earns hefty royalties from licensing their CDMA technology which is a vital component of wireless devices and mobile networks across the globe. Although they are trading at just 11 times earnings, the stocks are pretty affordable and possess a healthy 4.0% dividend making them one of the top tech stocks of 2018.

7. Splunk

This tech company’s software can translate machine data into a visual form. This software has helped many businesses identify and analyze digital trends in real time and detect problems in industrial networks. Since Splunk is currently spending heavily to grow its business, profits still seem a little far away. However, as IoT expands, the scope of this company is tremendous making it a good company to invest in.

8. Cognex

Another company that has joined the automobile competition is Cognex. This company makes machine-vision technologies such as lenses, cameras, and software for bar-code readers etc. Cognex recently acquired two 3D supervision companies in order to boost sales in logistics, automobile, and electronics industry. With its steady progress, investing in Cognex might just be a good option this year.

9. TechTarget’s Tech Stocks that are up by 142%

This is a US-based company which offers data-driven marketing services to B2B tech vendors. TechTarget has helped over 1300 companies in the US to achieve sustainable pipeline impact. the company’s main aim is to offer data and analytical solutions. B2B companies can use these solutions to understand purchase intent in the enterprise market. Thanks to its strong customer base and successful sales stream transition, this company’s stocks have soared in 2018.

10. Turtle Beach

Amongst the best performing tech stocks in 2018, Turtle Beach is definitely the one to lead it. Known for its award-winning gaming headsets, keyboards and computer accessories, its stocks have increased by 1480%. Turtle Beach currently has a market share of 40%. It was always recommended to invest in such tech stocks carefully. This is because the gaming-hardware company might not have much in the way of moat, and relies completely on one category of products.

11. Tech Stocks of ShotSpotter

As the name suggests, this company manufactures gunshot-detection technology. Also, it offers support services like location and incident-specific analysis to law enforcement. These solutions help police and security personnel to deter gun violence. With a customer satisfaction of 94%, ShotSpotter‘s are up by 205% this year.
As of 2018, it has a market cap of approximately $460 million. The company is valued at nearly 14 times this year’s expected sales. ShotSpotter’s technology is currently used in more than 90 cities in the U.S.

12. NetEase

NetEase is an internet company based in China. It focuses on offering mobile games and services like communications and commerce, email, and others. As of 2018, this Chinese company is considered to be one of the largest Internet and video game businesses globally.
NetEase’s shares are 21 times its earnings. This amount is much more affordable than the S&P 5oo. Many companies have been eyeing this company’s growth, annual revenue, and earnings. Also, shares are expected to rise by 29% in this year. According to reports, this company is poised to keep growing and earn a higher multiple in the coming years. Hence, you should totally think about investing your money in this company.

13. Facebook’s Tech Stocks

Social media giant, Facebook is pretty unstoppable when it comes to its tech stocks. One of the top RBC analysts, Mark Mahaney, observed that this company is trading 9% below its historical forward average. Based on Mahaney’s reports, Facebook’s tech stocks have a huge potential to grow over the year.
This is because 91% of marketers allocate a portion of their online budget to FB. Leaving the existing marketers, others are also planning to invest in FB advertising. Thanks to these opportunities, Facebook would no longer be limited to only social media, but also advertising. Hence, investing in Facebook stocks can turn to be a successful.

14. Alibaba Group Holding

Following Facebook, Alibaba Group Holding is one of the best tech stocks to buy in America. The company’s main mission is to make it easy to do business anywhere. Some of their well-known services are commerce, cloud computing, digital media, entertainment, etc.
Alibaba Group Holding is also known as the affordable version of Amazon available in China. This ecommerce company is growing by 50% annually, and it trades for a forward price earnings ratio of 26. This makes it wildly more profitable, with net margins of 30%. Any company that can accomplish making a revenue of $25 billion in a day, is proverbially taking over the tech stock market.

15. Criteo SA CRTO

Criteo SA is one of the best advertising companies. This company focuses on creating personalised online advertisements to its customers. As of 2018, the company operates from 30 markets all around the globe and has its headquarters in Paris.
Criteo has its name behind the most popular online ads that relentlessly remind of your previously viewed products. One of the reasons why this is the list of ‘top tech stocks’ is because of its strong customer retention rate and a revenue of two billion dollars.

16. Top Tech Stocks by Box Inc

Box Inc is a cloud enterprise company based in America. Its main aim is to help entrepreneurs transform their business with cloud content management. With Box, companies can get a single place to manage, secure, share and govern all the content for internal and external purposes.
This company recently announced its new products and partnerships to make $1 billion of annual revenue in 4 years. Due to this, shares are now trading at over $20 dollars. Along with this, financial analysts are expecting it to rise by 18% in the next 12 months.

17. Top Tech Stocks: Apple

Apple needs no introduction. This company’s momentum is only set to increase every coming year. Based on the data provided by reports, Apple’s stocks have increased by 30% in 2018. The increased rate of its stocks and its launch of a whole new bunch of products has made Apple a $1 trillion company. Following its big iPhone event this year, this company has become the most popular tech stock among millenials.


Tech stocks offer investors the best rewards. But, it can get difficult to stay on top of it all the time. Hence, if you are newbie when it comes to investing stocks, it is always advisable to check the growth rate and stability margin of the company. Also, before buying ensure that you conduct thorough research. This is because what iss soaring high today might be plunging tomorrow.

It is important to remember that the share market industry has a lot of risks due to which it is necessary to read about the company and monitor their performance to avoid losing your investments. Keep reading iTMunch for the latest finance news, blogs and updates.