Global partnership automation pioneer Impact announced the acquisition of a leading influencer SaaS platform developer, ACTIVATE. The acquisition will include ACTIVATE’s end-to-end influencer discovery platform, reporting and campaign management of collaborations across all major social media platforms.

The acquisition will make Impact the #1 international influencer marketplace in today’s ecosystem with more than 300K opt-in vetted and qualified influencer across various categories. As for the influencer community of ACTIVATE, the partnership increases their scope and opportunity to work with thousands of fastest growing brands around the world.

About partnership automation firm Impact

A catalyst for modern online collaborations and the news partnership economy, Impact is a leader in partnership automation. The platform aims at accelerating business growth by automating the entire partnership lifecycle which includes discovery, recruitment, contracting, engagement, fraud protection, optimization and payments.

Partnership Cloud by Impact manages more than $50 billion in e-commerce sales and processes and drives revenue growth for global brands like Lenovo, Getty Images, Levi’s, Bass Pro Shops and many more. Founded in 2008 in California, Impact has 500+ employees across the globe.

David A. Yovanno, CEO and Director of Impact says while most competitors in the industry focus on servicing loyalty and coupon partnerships, Impact serves the demand of its clients looking for growth from all types of partnerships.

Using Impact’s intelligent partnership automation platform, companies have derived more than 28% of total company revenue. Now with added capabilities of ACTIVATE, clients can further discover and manage creators and influencers for exciting campaigns.

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More on ACTIVATE’s acquisition by Impact


Influencer Partnerships Expert and former ACTIVATE client says Impact and ACTIVATE together can offer empower and intuitive technology that makes its users in-charge of the success of their influencer campaign.

ACTIVATE is an end-to-end influencer marketing platform that covers influencer discovery, campaign workflow, analytics and measurement that supports collaborations across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Blog and many more social networks.The platform has a network of 150,000 authenticated and vetted creators and influencers. 

The platform by ACTIVATE also allows brands to reach out and work with highly curated communities of influencers like outdoor enthusiasts, vegan foodies and much more. Using ACTIVATE platform, marketers can pick a niche group of influencers and leverage their micro-survey and geo-tagging capabilities. ACTIVATE enabled more than 50,000 partnerships with media companies, brands and agencies.

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