How AI Is Transforming Social Media Marketing?


Today, there are more than 3 billion people logging onto social media accounts globally. This means approximately half of the world’s population spends a significant part on their phone sharing a photo from their recent vacation or updating a status. As the use of social media has increased exponentially, it has become an important segment for marketers too. The massive number implies that more than 40% of the world’s population is within reach of anyone who is trying to advertise, sell, or even promote a product/service via the internet.

How Is Search And Social Media Marketing Related?

Why would a marketer care if almost 40% of individuals globally are using social media?  According to a report by HubSpot, social media marketing has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing. And, today 84% of B2B marketers use social media in some of the other forms. MarketingSherpa reports that adults aged 18-34 are most likely follow a brand via social networking. This makes it clear why search and social media are closely related.

How has social media impacted marketing?

With such a close relationship between social media and marketing, marketers are coming up with creative ways that can help inspire, enrage, amuse, promote and sell products, services, or even ideas. One of the creative examples of a social media campaign is the one carried out by Visit Norway, who took a slightly alternative approach to promote tourism. The campaign was called #SheepWithAView, where the photographer spent 20 days documenting the country through the eyes of the sheep to share their unique life. The campaign reach exceeded 64 million people and turned out to be a 98.8% positive for the brand.

How Has Social Media Marketing Evolved?

Marketing on social media platforms has undergone major changes than it was just a few years ago. What started with as a simple way for brands to communicate in one-way, has evolved into a multi-dimensional web of platforms and immersive media channels that make it easier than ever to engage with the potential audience, in almost every way.
In 2018, marketers are expected to make use of Artificial Intelligence that can help them better leverage the power of social media. iTMunch brings you a list of top six areas, which can be impacted by artificial intelligence and the tools used for it.

AI tools like Chatbots can be used for social media marketing.

4 Ways in Which AI Impacts Social Media Marketing

1. AI for content creation: Twizoo

As the success of social media is dependent on quality content, marketers are producing content at the speed of culture. According to Gartner, machines will be responsible for creating almost 20% of the content for businesses.
Twizoo is an AI-based social content platform that identifies user-generated content on Twitter which can be used by companies for promotional campaigns on their websites. This platform has been recently acquired by Skyscanner.

2. Improved customer intelligence with AI: Converseon

The posts we share on media platforms can give useful information about the target audience. This means marketers don’t always have to spend their time and efforts in creating customer surveys.
Converseon is an easy-to-use machine learning platform which can help enhance new and existing social listening and related voice-of-customer initiatives. The results can be then used for market segmentation, building customer profiles, and much more.

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3. AI-based customer engagement solution: Conversocial

According to a research, 62% of customers globally do not continue using a particular brand because of poor customer service. So apart from using Social media to just promote products and services, businesses should focus on delivering good service, which will lead to greater loyalty and more sales.
Marketers can make use of Conversocial, a platform that makes it easier for customers to get help through social and mobile channels.

4. Improving visual data AI technology: Google Cloud Vision

According to a study, people share more than 3.25 billion photos a day globally on social media platforms. Brands can draw valuable information from so much visual data. This can give businesses a clear understanding of the places they visit, products they use and much more.
With Google Cloud Vision, companies will be able to scan millions of images present on social media to identify logos, products, objects. This AI tool can be used by marketers to have a clear understanding of what their customers are saying through pictures and videos.

These are some of the various ways in which Artifical Intelligence tools can help transform social media marketing in 2018! Keep reading iTMunch for more such updates about Artifical Intelligence!