Apple is all set to roll out iOS 16.3 this week, and we are very excited. As always, the new update means that we can expect new features and a few exciting changes. In this article, we will examine some of these features and ponder over the major changes in the new iOS 16.3.

Apple will release iOS 16.3 this week, which will be available for the iPhone 8 and newer iPhone versions. 

iOS 16.3 What can we expect?

As we eagerly wait for iOS 16.3 to release, here are a few features that will hit your iPhones this week. The beta version of iOS 16.3 was made available for public beta testers. We have summarized a few features in iOS 16.3, such as two-factor authentication for Apple ID accounts, physical security keys, Advanced Data Protection for expanded iCloud encryption, etc. 

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Apple Maps could solve your parking woes

This is a very interesting feature and also one of the most anticipated features of iOS 16.3. Apple users will now be able to find parking near their location with Apple Maps. This is how. 

Users need to tap the “More” button and select “parking” when they look up the place they want to go to. Once you select the “parking” option, it opens SpotHero, an online service that enables you to find, book, and also pay for parking spaces available nearby. Users can also use SpotHero to reserve parking. However, it is important to note that this feature will be available only in a few cities (at least initially). 

Use emergency SOS via satellite

Apple announced the launch of emergency SOS at an Apple Event in September last year. Apple 16.3 will introduce new and better ways to use the emergency SOS service on your iPhone. 

In the new iOS, the “Call with Hold” option will be replaced by “Call with Hold and Release.” When you enable this feature, you can hold the side button and the volume button to start a countdown. 

Once the countdown is complete, you need to release the buttons, and your iPhone will make an automatic call to emergency services. 

New security keys introduced to Apple ID

Customers will be able to use third-party security keys with the beta software instead of two-factor authentication for their Apple ID. 

Security keys resemble home keys in many ways. You still use passwords, but this additional security measure can shield you from hackers and phishing frauds. Only security keys with FIDO Alliance certification are compatible with Apple’s security key feature.

HomePod handoff prompts

Beta testers will see additional messages when they attempt to use Handoff to transfer music, podcasts, or phone calls to an Apple HomePod. The messages go into more detail about how your HomePod’s Handoff feature works. 

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Feature Image Source: Photo by Bagus Hernawan on Unsplash