Online marketing seems pretty easy, just create a basic website, mention the services and products offered, and make use of search engines and social media platforms to drive traffic towards it. That easy right? However what is the main ingredient that you think you are missing here? Conversions! The main aim here is to not just navigate people towards your website, but to make sure they are doing something.

What many businesses fail to realize is how landing pages are a crucial element of inbound marketing strategies. Companies that have focused on increasing their number of landing pages have observed a 55 percent growth in the total number of leads. There is no doubt that creating an optimized landing page is the first step towards acing your digital marketing strategy and increasing your conversion rates. But how do you begin creating an optimal landing page for improving your conversion rate? According to the latest marketing blogs, we have created a perfect guide to increase conversion rates of your landing page.

Keep the language of your landing page simple and straightforward

You get only a few seconds to grab the attention of your potential customers before they become disinterested and leave your site. If you keep the language of your website complicated with difficult words, your visitors are likely to leave your website. The trick is to keep your headlines catchy, bold and straightforward along with easy-to-understand content.

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Visuals to the rescue

If you want to make your website aesthetically pleasing for your visitors make use of visuals to grab their attention. A study showed that when you hear about a piece of information, you are likely to remember only 10% of it after 3 days, but by adding an image you are likely to remember 65% of it. Another study also reveals that 4 times more consumers would rather watch a video about your product rather than read it. Including images and videos to communicate with your customers may not be a bad idea at all.

CTA’s that encourage users to take some action

CTA’s might just be the most underestimated element of a landing page. However they are the most important element of a landing page as they are the best way to get users to take action. You might think that it’s just a button, but its an essential element that encourages users to take the next action. Ensure that your CTA’s stand out, are big enough and have the right message.They can push your customers into taking a much-needed action, increasing your conversion rate.

Don’t forget to check your page loading time

While adding videos and images is necessary for attracting the attention of your visitors it is also important to not overdo them. Using a lot of images and videos can increase your page loading time. When your loading time is high, you might have to bid goodbye to your users even before they get the chance to explore your landing page.

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Back it up with social proof

Today’s consumers have become smarter and more aware. They like to be more thorough with their research before purchasing any services or goods. Hence it is important to backup your landing page with not just testimonials from your employees but with positive reviews from your customers across various social media platforms. Utilise this social proof in order to gain trust of your potential customers.

Competitor analysis

Last but not the least, this marketing blog would be incomplete without mentioning competitor analysis. Competitor analysis is useful for not only understanding your competitor but for checking what the latest trends are. Conduct a thorough competitor analysis in order to understand what you lack and how you can improve your conversion rate with an enhanced landing page.

There are various other ways by which you could enhance your landing page, one such example would be to use heat mapping software to understand the problem area of your website. While you could formulate multiple strategies to improve your digital marketing the main thing here is to not underestimate your landing page while trying to improve your conversion rate.

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