There are hundreds of blogs out there about identifying and understanding your target audience. At this point, marketers are so familiar with their buyer personas, that they are able to even channel them. But is that enough? You have a deep understanding of your target audience. But, does your target audience know you? If not, what are you doing wrong?

As a marketer, strategist or even a business owner, you are expected to research and define your target audience. But, this is just one-half of the equation. In order to convert your target audience into conversions for your business, you need to apply your research to your marketing strategy.

And, one of the tried- and tested ways to do this is by moving onto ‘online acceleration’ for your business. Keep reading to know what online acceleration is, how it works and why you need it for your business.

What is Online Acceleration?

As the name suggests, Online Acceleration (OA) is a service that is used by businesses to increase ROI and improve their marketing game online. It consists of various stages such as understanding client’s business, creating relevant content that engages users, increasing overall brand awareness and finally offering a report, which gives you insights about the potential customers, helps you understand what is working and similar factors.

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How is Online Acceleration connected with sales funnel?

What is a sales funnel?

Also known as a revenue funnel, sales funnel is a marketing strategy used by businesses in order to convert their website visitors into paying customers. It consists of multiple phases, as mentioned below:

• Awareness- make prospect aware of your existing solution
• Interest- prospect demonstrates an interest in a product by researching about it online
• Evaluation- prospect evaluates all the solutions available to come to a buying decision
• Decision- prospect decides that he wants to take advantage of your solution
• Action- prospect becomes a customer by finalizing the deal with you and making the purchase

Your mission as a marketer is to guide potential customers towards conversions.

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How Online Acceleration can help with each stage of the sales funnel

According to ringDNA, not aligning marketing efforts with the sales funnel is one of the biggest mistakes made by most of the marketers. Due to this, they fail to move prospects to the next stage of the sales funnel.

But, this would not be the same with OA. One of the essential stages of this process is the content creation that can help leverage your marketing investment. The following points tell you how you can use content for every stage of your revenue funnel.

Stage 1: Awareness and interest

Goal: Create awareness

Solution: Generate educational or viral content

In the first phase of the revenue funnel, you want to generate awareness of your brand among your target audience (and even increase it). Because, if people don’t know you, why would they buy your product or service anyway?

Online Acceleration helps you improve this by generating different types of creative pieces that can educate the users. This can either be through blogging, creating visual content like infographics and videos, and much more. This stage is not about promoting your brand, but understanding customer requirements and teaching them those things with relevant content.

Stage 2: Consideration

Goal: Customer acquisition

Solution: Create case studies, How-to content, demo videos

In this stage, customers are considering the solution you offer and how it can solve their requirement. Online Acceleration creates content that is customized for this phase that helps your prospects to evaluate your business and your products/services. By using case studies, how-to content, data sheets, paid ad campaigns, optimising your website for search engines and others. This can help increase brand awareness and achieve customer acquisition.

Stage 3: Conversion

Goal: Transactions

Solution: Create a user-friendly website, unique product descriptions, etc

Finally, your prospects are ready to convert into customers. This is where they finally decide to commit to your brand and your services. With OA, you can offer testimonials, reviews, unique product or service descriptions that can convince your prospects to pull the trigger and become customers.

These are a few points that give you a brief idea about the meaning of Online Acceleration, how it is connected with sales funnel are related and how you can use it to improve your business online. For more such updates, keep reading iTMunch.