Marketing and technology are becoming increasingly connected. This is one of the main reasons why it is essential for marketers to become conscious of the software they choose. The goal of marketing technologies is to improve internal collaboration, measure the impact of marketing activities and reach customers in new ways.

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To make a valuable addition to this industry, Optimove has come up with its latest technological elevation primarily functioning on data analytics and machine learning. This advancement shows the competence of being one of the greatest new-age deep techs.

About Optimove

Optimove is one of the largest SaaS startups in the field of marketing automation based out of Tel Aviv, founded in the year 2009. Since the year of its inception, it has grown over to become a team of more 200 people. The company now has offices in London, New York while Tel Avive being the headquarters. It is founded by Pini Yakil, a serial entrepreneur.

Optimove is based on the concept of combining art and science primarily to make advancements in marketing. The company caters to 350+ companies and brands from around the world, belonging to different domains like travel and hospitality, gaming, e-commerce, retail, as well as entertainment.

The basis of Optimove’s services is to help brands escalate their business with the help of existing customers by focusing on two main areas of customers retention and monetization. Optimove has made a remarkable market of its own in the Western region it is now focusing all its efforts to grow its business in Asia

Components of Optimove’s Tech

Optimove has been the marketing tech domain for 10 years now and has combined to be $100 billion global industry. The company’s entire operation is based on data, which includes data mining and keeping a track of customer data. With its ultimate focus on security and privacy, it ensures its customers to have the lowest opt-out rates. This gives the brands associated with them to gain the complete trust of their customers.

Amit Bivas, VP of Marketing explained, “We are bringing in strong analytics and making the customer journey more holistic and happier. Different customers are using different subscriptions across different languages. We are trying to find correlations within datasets and gain a consolidated view of the consumer.”

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As marketing tech is growing with the help of data mining approach to dynamically predict which marketing actions will be the most effective for each individual customer. This alteration by Optimove will surely lead to increased repeat purchases, retention and lifetime value, and will basically be a game changer for most companies.

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Image Courtesy: Optimove