According to the latest tech news, Google Assistant will become the default assistant for Android Auto. This might seem a little confusing for individuals who are already using Android Auto and have been saying “Ok Google” and commanding for directions and music for quite some time now.

Basically, the difference is that it was simple Google voice search before. But, now it is the actual Google Assistant. Google explains, that Android Auto is about to become a lot smarter. Along with third-party speakers and smart display devices, Google Assistant is all set to make its way to compatible cars in the near future. This means you would not only be able to choose your preferred music streaming service but also control connected home devices remotely from your car.

Google Assistant for Andriod auto | iTMunch

Other things that the Google Assistant can help you with our controlling your home lights, or even reserve a parking spot and to order Starbucks directly. Although most of the individuals will use this Assistant in the same way they did, the main difference remains that the Google Assistant bubbles will show up at frequent intervals.

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Did you know these bubbles are also known as “the poodle” at the Google office? It is true. Individuals working with Google also often say “Hey Poodle” instead of “Hey Google” and it is also known to work more than half the time, and a lot more fun to say!
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