Taiwan’s Gogoro has a unique scooter coming out that is smaller and more flexible than anything else in the company’s growing stable. Do you want to learn what this e-scooter is called and when you can start using it? Keep reading to find out more about this latest tech news.

Specifications of the cute e-scooter

It’s named “Viva,” and it will be available for $1,800 in Taiwan in October, along with some global markets beginning in 2020. At 80 kilograms, the Viva is the smallest and most intelligent scooter that Gogoro has built till date. It’s intended to be a city commuter, something that can substitute a 50-100cc gas scooter that is usually used for short trips. As so, it has a span of just 85 kilometres.

How does “Viva” work?

Like every other of Gogoro’s scooters, the Viva is powered by swappable batteries. So at any event, a user is falling out of juice can halt at one of the company’s 1,400 battery swap stations spread throughout Taiwan. 

The exception is that the Viva will use just one battery, whereas Gogoro’s other scooters use two. This is mainly because Gogoro has been changing over to new batteries that use the same kind of Panasonic cells seen in the Tesla Model 3.

Google electric scooter Viva | iTMunch

Perks of using “Viva”

The Viva scooter will be customizable, with more than100 accessories that you can bolt-on. Even though it is small in size, the Viva also has 21 litres of storage. Gogoro’s CEO Horace Luke says that “you can make it a utility vehicle, a more stylish vehicle, or you can put on a whole bunch of bags and carrying gear.” Luke also says he assumes the Viva to be less intimidating than Gogoro’s other scooters, which are bigger and quicker. 

Gogoro debuted its first scooter back at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show. The most current, the Gogoro 3, can last for 105 miles on two full batteries and costs for about $2,500.

The company has also collaborated with some compelling scooter manufacturers like Yamaha. This is mainly to help stimulate a wider switchover to be electric and place its battery swap stations in a way to help power-hungry cities manage peak energy demand. 

The Viva scooter completes a product line that Luke says should be extremely attractive to cities that need to change how people get about sustainably.

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