Can you ever get a scooter to rent when you need one? 

Here is a basic idea. Buy one. 

While Bird, Lime, Skip, Scoot, Uber, Lyft and more battle for on-demand micromobility, a new startup developed a vehicle worthy of ownership. 

Why Unagi Different? 

The Unagi seems downright futuristic with its classy colour jobs, foldable body, LED screen, and built-in lights. 

The ride appears firm, reliable, and responsive while staying light enough at 24lbs to lift up the subway stairs or the stairs to your home.

That is why Unagi has become a success with musicians like Kendrick Lamar, Chance The Rapper, Halsey, Steve Aoki, and the teen pop megastar Billie Eilish.

They use the scooter to move around the empty venues as they soundcheck before their performances. 

Paparazzi shots of those times have driven demand for the $990 dual motor and $840 single motor Unagis.

Co-founder David Hyman states that the startup can’t make them fast enough, but it is speeding up the production.

To fire the zeal for the scooter before cheap knock-offs undoubtedly copy it, Unagi has raised a $3.15 million seed round headed by Menlo Ventures. 

Developing on its $750,000 in Kickstarter, spirit, and founder-contributed funding, the cash will go to creating out a distribution network,

Plus expanding its next-gen scooter with a smoother ride but adding no more weights.

Unagi foldable scooter | iTMunch

The charm of the Unagi Model One is how it adjusts speed, battery, weight, cost, and style, so it serves for almost anything and everyone. 

That union won it CNET‘s best all-around scooter award versus the hardcore but remarkably massive Boosted Rev, cheap but ineffective Swagtron, long-lasting but dull Ninebot, and speedy but scary Mercane.

Unagi’s most significant flaw is the smoothness of the ride due to its thicker airless wheels and small handlebars that can make gravelly roads dangerous. 

The high-pitched sound of its horn is also so disturbing that people are more inclined to cover their ears than get out of your way.

However, Hyman ensures that his 12-person team will fix these issues.

The Evolution of Bikes

Scooters are a part of a strong wave of new technologies that genuinely sell us back our time. 

When a 20-minute walk converts into a 4-minute scoot, you obtain something priceless. 

Unagi is the first scooter that gives that same gliding sense of weightlessness.

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