Even though the pandemic does not hold the same grip on society as it did in 2020 and 2021, remote proctoring of exams is here to stay. However, tools developed in a hurry can be unreliable and dysfunctional. To help you find the best online proctoring services you need, we put together this guide.

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How does virtual online proctoring work?

A proctor is a person, often a teacher, who oversees a test. The person secures the identity of the individuals doing the exam and observes the students ensure full academic honesty during the examination. Virtual online proctoring works in a similar fashion where an online test can be written with the same security as on-site. But to find the best online proctoring services, you should think about:

  • Do your research – Does the provider have all the tools that you need? Do they meet your safety requirements? Make sure the solution can meet your school’s safety standards.
  • How developed is the software – As mentioned, quick-fix solutions are rarely worth the effort and dysfunctional services put exam integrity at risk. The best providers have been in the industry even before the pandemic and did not develop their applications overnight. 
  • Security – One of the most important factors for many schools and universities is that the software can perfect exam integrity. Make sure that the online proctoring service you choose offers secure software that’s able to uphold your exam integrity standards. 

Digiexam – The most reliable and secure online proctoring services

Schools for higher education such as Tel Aviv University, Birmingham City University, London School of Economics and Political Science, and Lund University use Digiexam for remote proctoring of exams.  

Digiexam has some of the best online proctoring services, with a highly developed application that they have been providing and working on for many years before the pandemic. This makes Digiexam more reliable than other online proctoring services, and you do not have to worry about the software breaking down during a test or about integrity problems. 

Digiexam provides all of the tools you could possibly need for virtual online proctoring and they provide full offline compatibility. Digiexam also prioritizes safety for the students as well as the institution and is unmatched by competitors with their high-level security. They regularly test the security of the platform with a third party, and the security of the software is unmatched by competitors. 

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