Today, marketing automation is a must for every marketing team. From determining your target audience to sending them emails, you should plan everything strategically. With this, you can streamline, automate and measure your marketing efforts and workflow. When your marketing team is growing, you cannot always rely on manual tools available. That’s when automation comes to your rescue.

Why do you need an email marketing automation software?

Not sure yet, if you still want to invest in an automation software for your marketing efforts? Answer the questions mentioned below to find out:

  • Do you want to identify, track and, engage your subscribers?
  • Do you want to filter leads based on the level of engagement and interest?
  • Do you want to measure the revenue contribution of every single one of your email marketing campaign?
  • Can you do all these things without a headache?

If you have answered YES for most of the questions, it is about time you start looking for an email marketing software for your business. An email marketing automation software facilitates effective communication with clients, runs campaigns, and allows you to track the results. Thanks to such marketing automation tools, you don’t have to spend too much time in creating a contact list or even design newsletter templates from scratch.

Now that you know why a software is necessary for your business, it is time to select a right one. With many tools available on the market, you need to ensure you pick one that suits your requirements. To simplify your selection process, you should read the latest GetResponse review by iTMunch. GetResponse is one of the most preferred software out there to known to streamline your email marketing workflow. Read our review to find out if it is right for you!

What is GetResponse?

GetResponse is an email marketing automation software with which you can create professional-looking emails and landing pages. With this software, you can create a valuable email marketing list of your prospects, clients and partners. This will help you build strong relationships with them while creating a profitable and responsive customer base.

Along with developing relationships with your clients, you can use GetResponse’s most preferred feature, the email intelligence. Maximize the impact of your campaigns, track, and analyze your efforts easily with this feature. This is just one of the many features this software offers.

GetResponse is claimed to be one of the easiest newsletter tool available on the market with a ton of pro features. As of now, the Polish-based email marketing software is available in 182 countries and claims to engage approximately 1 billion subscribers on a monthly basis!

With GetResponse’s wide range of features, you will be able to:

  • Create contact lists and keep it growing
  • Create newsletters with ready-to-use templates or design your own
  • Use autoresponders to follow-up automatically with your customers
  • Create automation workflow & develop a process to review your customers’ experience
  • Test your marketing efforts and strategies with A/B testing and landing pages
  • Manage sales processes by using a basic CRM
  • Search contacts and create unlimited customer filters to manage your contacts and design strategies
  • Improve conversion rates with analytics tools
  • Nurture your leads with a complete webinar marketing solution

From creating contact lists, setting up campaigns to analyzing results, this software can prove to be an all-in-one solution for your email marketing efforts. Keep reading the following GetResponse review to learn about its features, pricing plans, and alternatives in detail.

Key GetResponse Features

There are many email marketing software out there that provide more or less the same kind of features. However, GetResponse’s offers arguably one of the most comprehensive feature set. The following are some of these features that sets apart GetResponse from its competitors.

  1. Autoresponders

Autoresponders are a kind of newsletter, with which you can automatically send emails to your subscribers. You also get to decide the intervals the emails would be sent. This can be after an individual sign-ups o your mailing list, then another one after a week to notify them about your discount and so on.

Here, you get two options to use this feature. You can either send time-based or action-based messages. The time-based one is just like the one mentioned above. While the second one can be triggered by user actions or details. For example:

  •    Clicks
  •    Subscriptions to particular lists
  •    Birthdays
  •    Change in user data

With GetResponse’s latest version of ‘Autoresponders’ called the ‘Marketing Automation’, you can create automated workflows using a drag and drop builder. Here, you set up an ‘automation flowchart’ that instructs the email marketing tool what to do if a user opens a particular offer, clicks on a certain link etc. To learn more about this feature, watch the video below:

Although this feature allows you to create a customer journey that can be customized based on your requirements, you should note that it is available only on the more expensive plans.

b.    Analytics

Just like Google Analytics, GetResponse offers comprehensive options for analytics and reporting. Here, you can evaluate the open-rate, click-through, unsubscribe rates, and others. Along with the basic ones, there is some functionality which makes this software an ideal option for marketing automation. Keep reading to find out. Here’s what GetResponse’s Analytics looks like:

GetResponse’s Analytics Tool | IT Munch

  1.    ‘One-click segmentation’- Here, you can identify the people who did not engage with your newsletter, and put them in another segment. You can use this segment to send a different version of your e-newsletter.
  2.    ‘Metrics over time’- As the name suggests, you can find the exact time when your subscribers take action on your emails and determine a suitable time for your emails in the future
  3.    ‘Email ROI’- Well, who does not want to know if their email marketing campaigns are actually effective? This feature lets you do just that. You can add a tracking code to your post-sales page on your site and find out how effectively (or not!) your email campaigns are driving sales.

There is also other software that offers the similar functionality like AWeber and MailChimp. However, based on GetResponse’s reviews from several users, this tool is definitely the fully-featured on the market.

c.    Split testing

Another key feature that makes this software the ideal choice is its split testing functionality. Marketers and designers often use this feature to gain valuable insights into visitor behaviour, which can help improve conversion rates. This functionality can be used to any variable at a time.

You can either use this to test different things present on your homepage, landing page or any other page you want to test. This can include:

  1.    Colour – test one colour off against another to see which encourages action. It’s surprising how colour affects consumer decisions, so don’t dismiss it
  2.    Buttons – the colour, shape, or placement of an action button can be tested
  3.    Navigation elements
  4.    Forms
  5.    Images
  6.    Headlines and content
  7.    Layouts

For more details about this functionality, you read the GetResponse’s blog here.

d.    Responsive email designs

Have you ever opened an email but as it didn’t fit quite right with your screen, so you had to close it? Well, you would not have to worry about this with GetResponse’s email design functionality. So if a user is reading your mail on a tablet, it will automatically optimize the layout and fonts for that device. Check the image below to see how your email will look on a mobile:

Create mobile friendly templates with GetResponse.

To check how your email will look on a mobile or another device, simply click on ‘mobile preview’. This will give you an instant snapshot of what your email looks like on a mobile. And your options don’t just end here. You can use the ‘flip’ button, to preview what your email looks like when the screen is used in either portrait or landscape mode.

e. Landing page creator

A landing page acts like an invitation for your audience to visit your home and do something. This can either be making a purchasing, subscribing to your newsletter and others. Hence, you need to make sure it is clean, crisp and bright. And, this is what you can do with GetResponse’s landing page creator.

GetResponse's landing page creator

Marketing campaigns that make use of landing pages are known to generate more leads as compared to the standard ones. You can use this functionality to create high-converting and mobile responsive landing pages. Along with generating leads, you can eventually increase revenue for your business. To learn more about this feature, click here.

These are some of the features that makes GetResponse’s your go-to choice when it comes to an email marketing software. Now, let’s look at the pricing plan for this software.

GetResponse Pricing

The email marketing automation software offers 4 pricing packages. Please find the suitability, monthly price, number of users and features for each of these plans below:

  • Email

  1. Suitability: email marketing beginners
  2. Price: $15/mo billed monthly
  3. List size: 1000
  4. Features:
  • Autoresponders
  • Landing pages (Basic)
  • Workflows
  • Tags

User: 1

  • Pro

  1. Suitability: growth-focused marketers and SMBs
  2. Price: $49/mo billed monthly
  3. List Size: 5000
  4. Features:
  • Autoresponders
  • Landing pages (Advanced)
  • Webinars 100 attendees
  • Workflows
  • Tags
  • Scoring
  • Abandoned cart
  • Web event tracking
  • Automation segmentation

5. Users: 3

  • Max

  1. Suitability- marketing pros with advanced needs
  2. Price: $165/mo billed monthly
  3. List size: 10000
  4. Features:
  • Custom DKIM
  • Campaign consulting
  • Webinars 500 attendees
  • Workflows
  • Tags
  • Scoring
  • Abandoned cart
  • Web event tracking
  • Automation segmentation

5. Users: 5

  • Enterprise

  1. Suitability- businesses seeking scalable, high-performance solutions
  2. Price: $1,199/mo
  3. List size: 100,000+
  4. Features
  • Account manager
  • Dedicated infrastructure
  • Dedicated IP address
  • Max mailout performance
  • Deliverability consulting
  • Workflows
  • Tags
  • Scoring
  • Abandoned cart
  • Web event tracking
  • Automation segmentation

5. Users: 10

Key differences between GetResponse pricing plans

As mentioned above, each pricing plan has something different to offer to its user. Some of the key differences that can be spotted amongst each of these plans are mentioned below. Read more to find a suitable plan for your business.

  • CRM: This functionality is available only on its ‘Pro’ plans up
  • Landing pages: You can only use landing pages that allow split testing and unlimited views, if you opt for a Pro plan or a higher one.
  • Webinars: This functionality is only available for the ‘Pro’ and ‘Max’ plans at 100, 500 webinar attendees respectively.

GetResponse Free trial

Now that you are familiar with the GetResponse features and the pricing plans, why not try this tool and see if it suits your business?

Click here

You can use the fully-functioning free trial for thirty days. You just need to note that you have a limited number of subscribers, you can send emails to while using tool.

Pros and cons of GetResponse

Some of the main reasons you need to opt this email marketing software are mentioned below. Along with this, we have also listed a few reasons why you might have to think twice before using it. let’s start with the pros.

Pros of using GetResponse

  • Lots of templates and stock images
  • Affordability
  • Online support
  • Value for money with plethora of features offered
  • clean and simple navigation that encourages any novice to  start designing and sending email campaigns
  • Good CRM functionality
  • Webinar functionality
  • Transparent deliverability rates
  • Flexible approach to data segmentation
  • Useful landing page creator

Cons of using GetResponse

  • Limited range of RSS-to-HTML e-newsletter templates
  • Free trial limits the number of subscribers you can send messages to to 1000
  • Landing page add-on doesn’t allow you to perform A/B tests
  • DKIM authentication is only available on the ‘Max’ plan

GetResponse Integrations

GetResponse email marketing tool offers a seamless integration that allows you to keep your email marketing and sales teams, contacts and data in one place. You can easily understand the type of platform and its function through the categories mentioned below:

Integrations for E-commerce platforms

  • Amazon payments integration
  • Big Commerce
  • Convertful
  • E-junkie
  • Google AdWords
  • LandingCube
  • Magento
  • Monkey Data

Integrations for CRM

  • 123ContactForm
  • Batchbook
  • Capsule CRM
  • Freshbooks Imports
  • Google Contacts
  • LiveChat
  • MailSync

Integrations for Analytics

  • AMZPromoter
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Kickbox
  • MailOptin
  • YesInsights
  • SendOwl

For more details about GetResponse integrations, you can click here.

What are the GetResponse users saying?

The following is some feedback provided by GetResponse users. Keep reading to find out if this email marketing software is the right one for you.

  1. Sarah F- “GetReponse makes it so easy to manage our database and we can integrate it with other software”

Digital Marketing Supervisor

Used the software for: 2+ years

Reviewer source: Capterra

  • Overall score- 5/5
  • Ease of Use- 5 / 5
  • Features & Functionality- 5 / 5
  • Customer Support- 5 / 5
  • Value for Money- 5 / 5

Pros: GetResponse is an excellent software which we use to manage multiple emailing lists for various brands. We like the ability to create saved searches, individual campaigns and an easy to manage database.

Cons:  Occasionally we have had the odd problem with emails corrupting post send which is not ideal. However, as long as we schedule for a few minutes ahead and then check the preview we can get rid of this issue.

Overall: It is easy to manage our database, we can integrate it with other facilities such as mail munch and customers can unsubscribe to their choosing without any effort on our part.

  1. Katherine F. –“ Quite reliable platform GetResponse”

Head of Sales

Used the software for: 1-2 years

Reviewer Source: Software Advice

  • Overall score- 4/5
  • Ease of Use- 3 / 5
  • Features & Functionality- 4 / 5
  • Customer Support- 4 / 5
  • Value for Money-  4 / 5

Pros: GetResponse is a reliable platform.  I like this platform’s the ease with which you can create an advertising campaign, just with a few simple steps of adding a design and adding the desired text, you will have the campaign ready, the rest does GetResponse automatically!

Cons: I do not like GetResponse for Anroi, I think it’s a version too outdated and lacks a lot of renewal and more current versions of the web, I would like the creators of GetResponse to dedicate themselves more to improving the App for a better stay.

Overall: GetResponse has helped me a lot in my company, because I can create quite simple campaigns in a matter of minutes, send information about registrations, purchases of my company’s products and much more, just by providing an Email.

  1. Luisana A.- “Excellent achievements with accessibility from various devices.”

Marketing Manager

Used the software for: 1-2 years

Reviewer Source: Software Advice

  • Overall score- 4/5
  • Ease of Use- 4 / 5
  • Features & Functionality- 5 / 5
  • Customer Support- 3/ 5
  • Value for Money-  3 / 5

Pros: What I like most about GetResponse is the excellent way in which you can work from any device and carry out a campaign using a simple mobile phone, it is very practical software.

Cons: I do not like GetResponse’s high prices. It is quite obvious that its functions make it quite expensive software. However, I would like some prices to go down some plans for better accessibility when buying plans.

Overall: I have benefited a lot from the use of GetResponse. This is because initially I had many problems sending consecutive emails and in an instant way. In my company it has been very necessary to send emails quickly, and with GetResponse I have achieved it.

GetResponse Alternatives

If you still have not finalised an email marketing tool which is efficient for your business, you should try GetResponse’s free trial or demo plan. This will give you an understanding of its features and services, where you will be able to analyse if the tool matches your expectations. Moreover, you could also try out free trials of other tools, which will help you compare the performance of GetResponse. The more trails you try out, the higher the chances of choosing the perfect tool for your business!

Here are the top three GetResponse alternatives:


An all-in-one marketing platform, ActiveCampaign provides great features and services for mainly small to medium sized business models. Its tools helps you manage contacts, control the sales process and obtain new customers. You can also send newsletters and create email campaigns using this tool. This is GetResponse’s best alternative as it provides more or less the same features, yet is more cost-effective. You can read more about ActiveCampaign’s features here.

Key Differences

Automated Marketing: ActiveCampaign automation options in marketing, CRM and in Sales

Tracking: Using ActiveCampaign, you can track your contact’s age, gender and location

SMS Marketing: You can reach your contacts via SMS using ActiveCampaign


Known as one of the best email marketing tools in the world, AWeber provides unique features like integration with popular social media sites like Facebook and payment gateways like PayPal. Moreover, you can even connect your RSS feed and blogs with your emails through AWeber. With more than 700 templates, this tool makes it very easy for you to design colorful and responsive emails. You can read more about AWeber’s features here

Key Differences

Atom App: A recent addition, this app helps you add customers and contact to your list easily. The app is supported by both Android and iOS.


With over 12 million subscribers across the globe, MailChimp’s USP is its uninterrupted integration with different types of APIs and websites. Using this tool, you can easily connect with e-commerce sites like BigCommerce, Shopify, Magneto, etc. It’s easy to use drag and drop functionality and strong automation system has made it an instant favorite for many business owners.

Key Differences

MailChimp App: This app helps you add customers and contact to your list easily. The app is supported by both Android and iOS.

User Interface: Mailchimp opts for a very minimalistic sort of approach, with lots of big fonts (on big spaces) being employed to present menus, stats and data; they also present a lot of functionality in ‘wizard’ or ‘to-do’ list format.

GetResponse FAQs?

  1. How do I create a new campaign in GetResponse?

After logging in, the tool will take you to your Dashboard. Locate the field labeled ‘Your Current Campaign’ in the upper right corner of the Dashboard. Click on the arrow to display the drop down list, where you will find ‘Create Campaign’.

Click on ‘Create Campaign’ and type in your campaign’s name. Please note that each campaign must be unique. Campaign names should be between 3-64 characters.

  1. How can my contacts subscribe to my campaign?

The option of ‘Subscribing’ is easily accessible on your website and other marketing channels, including social media platforms like Facebook.

You can grow your database of subscribers using GetResponse features like:

Signup Form: Each signup form is assigned to a particular campaign.

Landing Page: If you don’t have a website, you can create a landing page using GetResponse’s ‘Landing Page Creator’ to create a webpage with a signup form.

Fore more innovative ways, watch the video below:

  1. How do I change my email address and name displayed on my campaign emails in GetResponse?

GetResponse lets you add multiple email addresses which you can use to customize the  sender field. When your subscribers receive your email message, it will be formatted to appear as if it comes directly from the email address and from name you specify.

  1. Which browsers and operating systems are needed to use GetResponse?

GetResponse works on PCs and Macs. It is compatible with Windows, Mac OS and most browsers. We recommend Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

  1. How do I reset my password for GetResponse?

If you do not remember the password you choose and would like to reset it, please click here.

In the form, provide the e-mail address you used to set up your account then click the Send password button. Check your email and click the link to begin setting up a new password.

If you are logged in and want just to change the password choose My account in the top right corner of the dashboard. In Account Details choose Account Password icon. Then click the Reset Password button.

  1. Why was my import rejected on GetResponse?

GetResponse is a permission based email marketing platform and does not accept lists that were purchased or collected with methods that are against their anti-spam policy. Click here to read about their anti-spam policy.

However, if you have a list that once was once permissible, but was not maintained properly, you can use BriteVerify to clean your list, after which you should be able to import.


GetResponse offers several features that you can use to up your email marketing game. There are plenty of functionalities such as landing page creator, webinars, etc. that make this software the ideal choice for many marketers worldwide. It is hard to come up with a similar tool which can offer all of these features under the same umbrella at that price.

Although there are a few changes that this platform can work on, GetResponse still manages to top iTMunch’s list for “top email marketing software”.

For more such tool reviews, updates and blogs, stay tuned with iTMunch!