From Fortune 500 companies to bloggers, everyone seems to be using email marketing software over the past few years. This is because, email marketing is one of the most effective ways to keep customers informed, drive online and in-store sales and integrate it with other strategies. To reap the benefits of this marketing method, it has become necessary for digital marketers out there to invest in good software.

How email marketing software can improve your business?

Based on a number of statistics, it is clear that email marketing software has been beneficial for many businesses. But, how can you use it and improve your ROI? Keep reading to learn how email marketing software can enhance your business.

1. Get your message out there much faster to a larger audience
2. Improve your brand image by customising the email based on your company’s guidelines
3. Stay in touch with your target market constantly
4. Increase your credibility with consistent and quality email marketing
5. Increase clients by sending emails to prospects
6. Boost sales by promoting products/ services

These are some of the top ways in which email marketing can boost your business. To ensure the success rate of your marketing campaigns, you need to have great deliverability. This means making sure your subscribers are actually receiving your emails. If not, then all your marketing efforts will go in vain.

This is where marketing software that offers email validation comes in. ZeroBounce is one such software that helps you achieve great email deliverability. The following are a few points that offer a brief overview of ZeroBounce, its features, pricing plans and much more.

What is ZeroBounce?

ZeroBounce is email automation software that helps businesses reach their target audience with bounce and spam trap detection. You can use this platform to detect and remove known abuse emails, temporary addresses, invalid and toxic domains, and much more. Along with improving your email deliverability, this software can be used to validate IP addresses and verify primary recipient demographics.

The main goal of this platform is to “reach humans, not bots”. Also, this platform guarantees 98% accurate results and military-grade data protection. With this software, you can get your email list back in shape.

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Top 5 features of ZeroBounce

The following are some of ZeroBounce’s top five features:

1. Email Validation

ZeroBounce’s email validation feature consists of various other functionalities such as abuse email checker, email gender append, etc. The first functionality is used to identify emails that have a history of marking emails as spam. The second functionality helps you detect the gender of your subscriber based on the name.

2. Email bounce checker

This feature helps you remove invalid email addresses from your list with a unique scrubbing system. By using this feature you can keep your list clean and protect your emailing reputation and deliverability.

3. Disposable email detection

Disposable email detection helps you identify temporary email accounts that are used to mask real email addresses. By running a thorough email list cleaning, this feature helps you weed out such accounts.

4. Spam trap detection

The spam trap is fake accounts and keeping them in your list might tarnish your reputation and get you blacklisted. With this feature, you can scrub your list clean and identify such risky email addresses.

5. Email address list append

Along with validating, this software can enhance your list. All the missing details of your subscribers such as names, gender, city, state, country and much more; you can get those with this. This helps you segment your list in a way so that you can send better personalised content.

These are some of the top features of this ZeroBounce. Now, let’s look at some of the top reasons why you should use this software.

Why you should use ZeroBounce

One of ZeroBounce’s main advantages is its email validator that can accurately detect spam traps. Its verification feature also helps you identify email addresses that have been marked spam previously. With features like these, you will be able to manage your databases in an effective manner and prioritize sending messages only to the right audience.

With this software, you also would not have to worry about filling up missing parts of email addresses. ZeroBounce’s email verifier is capable of identifying the first and last name, location, IP address, etc.

If you are considering using ZeroBounce to improve your email list hygiene, then let’s look at how much you will have to pay.

ZeroBounce’s pricing plans

The price varies depending on the number of emails.
• 5K to 100K emails = $0.007 per email
• 100K to 250K emails = $0.00375 per email
• 250K to 500K emails = $0.0026 per email
• 500K to 1M emails = $0.002 per email
• 1M to 2M emails = $0.0015 per email
• Over 2 Million emails = Contact ZeroBounce rep for customized pricing

To get 100 free email validations, you can sign up today!

ZeroBounce Free trial

Now that you are familiar with ZeroBounce’s features and why you need to use it, why not try it for free? You can register and try this platform for free. If you think this is one is ideal for your business, then you can opt for a suitable pricing plan! To know more about how to register, click here!

ZeroBounce Integrations

In order to facilitate your email marketing efforts, you can integrate ZeroBounce with some of the best software available on the market. Mentioned below are some of the top email platforms, ZeroBounce works with:

1. MailChimp (Official)

MailChimp is one of the most popular email marketing services out there for SMBs. It is known for its affordable plans for start-ups, analytical features and various benefits. By integrating this software, you can easily import your MailChimp lists and the validation results.

2. Zoho CRM (third party)

Award-winning software, Zoho CRM is one of the best choices to attract, retain and satisfy your customers. If you already use this platform for your business, you can integrate it with ZeroBounce. With this, you can get rid of bounces, complaints, or spam caused due to fake email addresses.

3. Magento (third party)

Owned by eBay, Magento is a shopping cart platform. This platform provides businesses with extremely good support when it comes to controlling their stores. You can integrate your Magento website with this software. This will help you take your online store to the next level by connecting with only real customers.

4. OpenCart (third party)

This is another shopping cart, which is free to own, upgrade and use. OpenCart is an open-source platform that is built on PHP/ MySQL code. Integrate this platform with ZeroBounce, and get ready to enhance your online store.

What are the ZeroBounce users saying?

Before you make the final decision about this platform, you should what does its users have to say about it. Based on this feedback, you can make your final choice.

  1. Anais B– “No more spam in our business emails.”

Profile: Quality Auditor
Usage: 6-12 months
Reviewer source: Capterra

Overall score- 5/5
Ease of Use- 5 / 5
Features & Functionality- 5 / 5
Customer Support- 5 / 5
Value for Money- 5 / 5

Pros: One of the best things that happened to us. I have been able to establish a good filter of unnecessary emails. All thanks to ZeroBounce. I have been able to reach my right target audience and send them quality content.

Cons: At times the filters are not 100% accurate.

  1. George G– “Has become my go-to email list scrubber.”

Profile: Management consultant
Usage: 1-2 years
Reviewer source: Capterra

Overall score- 5/5
Ease of Use- 5 / 5
Features & Functionality- 4 / 5
Customer Support- 4 / 5
Value for Money- 5 / 5

Pros: This software excels at cost and turnaround time. I have had an overall good experience of clean, fast, and simple transactions at a good price.

Cons: I have only one complaint, which is the extremely long process to ensure you are receiving the right scrubbed lists.

  1. Ernic Jose V– “excellent software easy to install and use very efficient.”

Profile: Inspector Electromecanico
Usage: 1-2 years
Reviewer source: Capterra

Overall score- 5/5
Ease of Use- 5 / 5
Features & Functionality- 5 / 5
Customer Support- 5 / 5
Value for Money- 5 / 5

Pros: ZeroBounce is an extremely powerful tool, which helps me improve my ability to deliver emails and understand my target audience. It is also ideal for detecting spam and abusive emails.

Cons: I do not have any complaints about this software. It has been great and easy-to-use.

Top 3 Zerobounce Alternatives

Investing in email validation software is a long-term investment and it starts with making the right choice. If you are considering opting ZeroBounce, it is always suggested to look at some of its alternatives too. This will help you analyze the pricing plans and services offered by others and make a well-informed decision. iTMunch has created a list of top 4 alternatives for ZeroBounce.

1. DataValidation

Headquartered in Atlanta, DataValidation is a leading email deliverability service providers around the globe. You can verify your email list by using one of the supported ESP integrations or Batch Verfication APIs. You can easily integrate this platform with MailChimp, SendGrid, AWeber, MailGun, and more. To know more about this platform, click here.

2. Xverify

This is one of the industry leaders in bulk email list verification. Whether you want to validate a B2B mail or B2C, this software can do it all. One of the best parts about using this software is that you directly call and talk to their email consultant. So here you would not have to worry about dropping a mail, raising a ticket, which consumes your time. Learn more about this software here.

3. EmailListVerify

As the name suggests, you can use this software to verify emails quickly and at an affordable price. It offers a 97% accuracy rate and guarantees zero false positives and a 10x reduction in bounce rates.
Click here to learn more!
Image Courtesy: ZeroBounce