Today, AI is seeping into our lives, and effecting how we live, carry out day-to-day tasks, work and entertain ourselves. From voice assistants such as Siri and Alexa to driverless cars, there are various examples and applications of artificial intelligence in use today. Although adoption of machine learning is increasing, critics are still fearful that that technology can take over all the human jobs. In spite of this, organisations have a slightly more optimistic take when it comes to AI and the HR function.

According to a survey, 38% of organisations are already using AI and 62% are expected to use it this year. Another survey conducted by IBM found that 46% of HR executives believe that AI will transform their talent acquisition capability, while 49% believe it will change the payroll and benefit the administration. Here is iTMunch’s take on AI will transform the HR function.


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Automate screening and reduce human bias

Humans often tend to make uninformed decisions based on gender, caste, creed and ethnicity. This can influence the recruitment function negatively. However, this would not be the same with the help of AI. Organisations can make use of AI to learn the qualifications of employees who are good at their role, and then use this knowledge to screen, and grade candidates who match the requirements.

Reduce errors

Joey Price, CEO of Jumpstart: HR believes that AI can be used to collect and compile data quickly, which can help reduce human errors and minimize compliance fines. The ones who will make the most of AI are mid-senior –level professionals.

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Augment corporate training

Another strong impact that AI can have one the HR function is augmenting corporate training and coaching. With the help of Ai, managers will be able to understand their team’s feedback and take proactive measures to put it to use immediately.

Improve candidate assessment

Businesses often have problems while selecting suitable candidates. AI can help automate this recruitment workflow. This means businesses can gather more data and more candidates can be assessed overall. For example, AI can turn a 15-minute video interview into a set of 20,000 data points on facial movements, intonation, and word choice to assess a candidate. This can help assess candidates and speed up the hiring processing without sacrificing on quality.

Streamline employee onboarding

As artificial intelligence can be used to replace many of the mundane tasks in HR, that time can be used to focus on other tasks such as nurturing, cultivating, and working with talent. Intelligent bots can be used as virtual assistants in the employee onboarding process, by creating new employee profiles.

These are some of the ways in which artificial intelligence will help improve the HR function. Keep reading iTMunch to know more about such HR-related updates.