“What is Clickfunnels?” This is the latest question doing the rounds in the marketing world. Entrepreneurs, business owners, marketers, and consultants are curious about clickfunnels and are eager to know how clickfunnels work and if it works at all. As influential online marketing experts advise business owners to use sales funnels to generate more leads and grow their business, clickfunnels are certainly proving to be a blessing in (not-so-much-of-a) disguise. To satisfy your curiosity, dive in and know all about clickfunnels, its features, and some of the benefits it has up its sleeve. 

If you’re considering implementing Clickfunnels into your marketing strategy, it’s essential to understand its full potential and how it can revolutionize your approach to lead generation and sales. Consider its features, blog on Clickfunnels, functionalities, best practices, and tips for maximizing its effectiveness in your business endeavors.

What is Clickfunnels? 

Clickfunnels can be defined as a website and sales funnel builder that helps in automating a business’ sales process, right from the start to the finish. It is a compact tool that empowers you to market and sell online, regardless of the technical skills you possess. This all-in-one platform lets you design and develop sales funnel pages for your online business even if you do not have any coding or designing knowledge. With the help of clickfunnels, you can create a variety of sales funnels such as landing pages, opt-in funnels, membership sites, squeeze pages, webinar funnels, and a lot more.  

Sales funnel is necessary for an online business as it operates as a guiding path to your consumer during a sale. Marketing funnel, revenue funnel, sales process, purchase funnel, or customer acquisition funnel are just a few of the other names of sale funnel. An ideal online sales funnel would have three stages – the awareness- or interest-creating stage that attracts prospective leads; the decision-making stage that pushes customers towards making a purchase decision; the action-inducing stage that works to convert them.  

Initially, business owners required coders or developers, designers, and marketers to create these online sales funnels. The different stages in these developed sales funnels then required consumers to take several actions ahead of reaching the checkout page, which might prove to be a little confusing for some and reduce the possibility of conversion. But now, with clickfunnels to your rescue, you can effortlessly build your digital sales funnel all by yourself. Moreover, these sales funnels, created with clickfunnels, do not require customers to take many actions, increasing the chances of conversion. This is made possible by the large availability of a wide range of pre-designed and highly-personalized sales funnel templates. All you got to do is select an already-built sales funnel template that matches your product, select a page design style of your choice, and then make modifications to the pages before publishing them. 

Clickfunnels proves to be a far better method of creating sales funnels as compared to working with web developers and designers. While it saves you from having to explain your funnel page ideas to someone, it gives you the power to build them to your liking by following the simplest steps.   

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How Does Clickfunnels Actually Work?

Now when you know what is clickfunnels used for, you might unmistakably wonder how clickfunnels indeed work and if they work at all. Clickfunnels works in the simplest manner. Let us take an example to understand how clickfunnels works.

Suppose you have a product or a service such as bags, books, sports equipment, coaching, consulting, online-order tracking, restaurant booking, and more. To sell or promote online, your first step should be creating a landing page for your product or service. This landing page can be an opt-in form, using which you can ask your potential customers to fill in their email addresses. Once you have this landing page, you would then require a sales page for selling your product or service. To have an effective sales page, you must position your product or service after careful consideration of your customers’ pain points. Further, you must also draft a compelling copy describing your product or service. This sales copy plays a major role in influencing consumers into making a purchase decision. In case your potential clients decide to make a purchase, they will be then directed to the order login form. You will also have the option of making an upsell to the client. Once the purchase has been done, you can then deliver the product or the service. With clickfunnels, all of these steps can be executed using a single platform. Although clickfunnels marketing follows the traditional marketing funnel, it lets you promote and sell online with just a few clicks of a button and without requiring any technical setup. 

According to an article, clickfunnels generated a revenue of $100 million in 2019. So, it would be safe to say that clickfunnels indeed works. With a ton of pre-built funnels, almost all the businesses, intending to sell or promote their products online, can use clickfunnels. A few businesses and individuals who can use clickfunnels include book authors, freelancers, online coaching classes, fitness trainers, small-scale businesses, non-profit organizations, and more. 

What Are the Different Clickfunnels Features?

Clickfunnels has tons of useful features that assist in optimizing your pages. These features can be effectively used in digital marketing your products or services. Below are a few of the top clickfunnels features.  

  • Pre-developed Funnel Templates – Clickfunnels has a library of marketing and sales funnels to match your product’s requirements. Be it a webinar or a membership site, you can access hundreds of tested funnel templates. These funnel templates come along with pre-built landing pages that you can later re-design to meet your needs. Amongst the available templates, a few of the most popularly-used sales funnel templates are product launch, homepage, survey funnel, squeeze page funnel, and invisible funnel. The different categories under which these templates are made available include sales page funnel, membership funnels, events funnel, and lead capture funnels.  
  • Clickfunnels Backpack – Using the clickfunnels backpack tool, you can build and start your own affiliate program. By letting you add an affiliate program to your sales funnel, the tool helps in creating different kinds of affiliates. It not only helps you set up your commission plan and affiliate center but also offers tools to your affiliates for promoting your business. This is how the clickfunnels backpack tool helps in marketing your product or service. 
  • A/B Testing – Testing multiple variations of your landing page’s elements is important as it optimizes conversion. Having analyzed the poor performing elements, you are saved from spending your marketing budget on them. Split testing multiple sets of your sales funnel is made possible with clickfunnels.     
  • Clickfunnel Actionetics – This is one of the best features offered in clickfunnels. Although, you might find it to be provided only in the software’s high-end plans. Clickfunnels actionetics is a marketing automation platform using which you can establish a seamless connection between your marketing communications and sales funnels. This built-in marketing automation tool has multiple features in itself including email autoresponse, contact importing, email list management, email broadcasting, performance analytics, and more. One of the best advantages of actionetics is that it helps in sending personalized messages to different market segments.  
  • Custom Domain Hosting – Clickfunnels allows you to add your custom domain to the platform even if it was purchased outside. Once your external custom domain is connected to clickfunnels, you do not have to use clickfunnels subdomains. With clickfunnels, it is also possible to add multiple domains and subdomains. 
  • Payment Gateways Support – With clickfunnels, you do not have to send your buyers to a third party for making a payment at the end of your sale funnel. A variety of API and 3rd-party product access Payment Gateways such as Stripe, PayPal, Easy Pay Direct, ClickBank, WarriorPlus, and more can be integrated with clickfunnels.    
  • Performance Tracking – With a built-in analytics tool, clickfunnels also lets you track your funnel’s performance. It can keep a track of the number of visitors, conversions, click-throughs, opt-ins, and more. Furthermore, you can see your customers’ activity overview on your dashboard with clickfunnels. This helps you in effectively managing your audience. 

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How Much Does Clickfunnels Cost?

You can opt for any of the two clickfunnels pricing plans, namely the $97 per month plan or the clickfunnels platinum plan which is available at $297 per month. The basic plan of $97 per month is ideal if you are just starting with your online business. Under this plan, you can share the funnels you build with others, develop as many as 20 funnels using clickfunnels’ ‘drag-and-drop’ style editor and plenty of pre-designed templates, and create a total of 100 designed subpages within each funnel. In addition, you can connect three domains, integrate three payment gateways, and watch courses and training from marketing experts.  

Clickfunnels platinum plan can benefit large enterprises that are aiming to scale their business and wish to create unlimited funnels. This plan offers unlimited pages, funnel, as well as follow-up funnels. You get to connect to nine payment gateways, have nine domains, and hours of additional training and course. 

Furthermore, clickfunnels also has a ‘two comma club’ for those entrepreneurs who have grown their business to seven-figure, that is ‘two comma’. Members of this club can avail a special clickfunnels package which is priced at $2,497 per month. 

What Are the Benefits of Clickfunnels?

After knowing what does clickfunnels cost, you might wonder if it would be advantageous to invest in the platform. Take a look at the top benefits of clickfunnels that its many users have already experienced, and you might just feel assured. 

  • User-friendly – Clickfunnels has a very straightforward interface which makes using it very easy. You need not worry about being tech-savvy to use this platform. 
  • End-to-end solution – Being a one-stop-shop, clickfunnels meets all your marketing and sales requirements. Right from setting up your website and creating landing pages to offering payment gateway integration, this software attends to all your needs. 
  • Saves money – Initially, you had to spend a substantial amount of money on designing and developing effective landing pages. But, with clickfunnels’ pre-built funnel templates, you do not have to spend on expensive resources, domain names, email autoresponders, or web hosting. 
  • Easy app integrations – Be it performance analytics or email automation, clickfunnels allows you to easily integrate tools with the platform. This allows you to build and run a successful sales funnel.

Final Words

With all that clickfunnels has in store, it is definitely worth using it to grow your business online. An effective way to approach clickfunnels is by starting with the 6-month free trial period that will give you insights on how clickfunnels works and what all benefits you can take advantage of! You can then decide to step up your game and opt for their basic plan. As online businesses take precedence over the traditional brick-and-mortar businesses, clickfunnels can definitely be considered a blessing for all those with an entrepreneurial mind.     

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