According to the latest tech news, Equifax, a credit rating firm has apologized for directing a few of its customers to an imposter website using its Twitter page.Equifax had recently opened set up a new website for disclosing a data breach affecting more than 143 million. However, the company mistakenly tweeted the wrong web address multiple times. This wrong web address led a few of its customers to a fake website.

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This new website- to let its customers find out more information about the data breach, also allowed them to register for a credit monitoring service, by entering personal details in a form.

According to the latest tech news, Equifax’s staff directed a few of its customers to a wrong website

According to many security researchers, the credit rating firm should have provided all this new information on its website, instead of creating another one. They also added that the address of the new website looked like one; a scammer would set up to try to fool victims.

One of the security researchers, Nick Sweeting tweeted, that he can build a clone of this site in not more than 20 minutes. And he did. He built a new website-; an almost identical version of Equifax’s website.

Nick’s fake version of the website also let people fill in their personal details. However, he clarified later that they had been “bamboozled.” In spite of this, the Equifax’s staff operating the Twitter feed shared the fake web address with its customers multiple times.

However, the credit rating firm clarified that it had taken down all posts using a wrong link. And, it apologised for the same.

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