According to the latest acquisition news, Facebook has acquired a London-based artificial intelligence firm Bloomsbury AI. This firm specializes in natural language processing. In a post from Facebook Academics page, the social media company said that Bloomsbury’s expertise will strengthen its efforts in natural language processing.

Facebook AI Research, or FAIR, organization is currently investing in projects that span the more cutting-edge sectors of deep learning, and natural language processing in the AI community. Facebook wants an AI that is so adept at understanding images, videos, and text that it can effectively moderate the entire social network’s platform, including Facebook, Instagram, etc.

The London-based firm’s CEO had previously created a company called Factmata, which was designed to help separate real news and fake news. Bloomsbury’s work is focused mainly on “machine reading and understanding unstructured documents in natural language in order to answer any question.” Hence, it would not be so difficult for the AI firm when it comes to parsing the massive amount of user-uploaded content on the social network on a regular basis.

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Bloomsbury is also expected to work with Facebook on different ventures. For example, Facebook is working on an AI-assisted home speaker with a display. The UK based AI firm may work on that product to help improve its ability to understand spoken commands and return answers with natural-sounding speech.

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