Technology is quickly evolving and resolving most of our day to day problems. Right from gadgets such as microwave, vacuum cleaner, dish washer. We have tried to find a solution for almost anything and everything. Today we live an age of smart devices where technology has gone a step beyond.

With devices that can control your lighting, thermostat, security and much more all with the help of a smart phone, staying in a home that is just a little smarter has become a luxury we thrive upon. Read the following gadgets according to the latest tech news, that are not just unique but even nifty and extremely handy.

Smart speakers 

Amazon first introduced smart speakers that is equipped with various voice control features. Right from checking the weather, to finding out the latest news, from ordering your favorite dish to booking a cab, this device is programmed to handle almost any task you wish to complete. Today we don’t just have the option of one but three smart speaker options. Amazon’s Echo, Apple Homekit and Google’s Home you can now choose a device from your favorite company and make your home smarter with their assistance.

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Smart Climate Control Systems 

The smart climate control system is designed to not only redirect air throughout your home but also to schedule various temperatures during different times of day. Simply with a touchscreen interface along with a remote sensor you can regulate the heating or cooling of all the rooms in your house.

Climate control system for your smart Home | iTMunch

Smart Parenting Device

With technology being easily available at your fingertips, parents will need to be more conscious about the type of information that their kids will come across. In order to make sure that children are not exposed to unnecessary information parent can make use of smart parenting devices such as Vimana that will help monitor and control kids from the amount of time they spend online while ensuring they are protected from any sort of mature content.

Smart Lighting Kits

Regular lights may soon become useless with various smart lighting solutions becoming available in the market.They are mostly likely to be replaced with beautiful LED panels that can be controlled with any smart device through Wi-Fi. Currently, along with smart lighting kits, we can even make use of smart bulbs that can be controlled with the help of smart devices.

Advanced Robots

Developing a smart robot for your home is still a long way to go, however we can already see the use of artificial intelligence for smart homes. Robots such as Misty II have already entered the market and can greet guests, and help you control other smart devices in your house.

With artificial intelligence becoming an integral part of technological devices, who knows what is in store for future. Sky is the limit for smart home solutions, and soon we could find better and more reliable smart home solutions in the market that help us make our day to day life easier.

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