Waymo, the independent vehicle business under Alphabet, sent an email to customers of its ride-hailing app. The latest tech news states that their following trip may not have a human safety driver behind the wheel. Keep reading to learn more about this newest automobile story.

More about Waymo’s driverless cars

The email labeled “Completely driverless Waymo cars are on the way” was sent to consumers that use its app in the areas of Phoenix. Both, the first rider program and Waymo One service use self-driving Chrysler Pacifica minivans to commute Phoenix residents in an area that includes various suburbs, including Chandler and Tempe. 

All of the “self-driving rides” have a human security driver behind the wheel.

How is it different?

There will be no safety driver behind the wheel, although a Waymo employee would probably be present in the vehicle initially.

Waymo’s backstory

Waymo, previously known as the Google self-driving project, first started experimenting with its technology in 2009 in and around its Mountain View, Calif., headquarters. It has been a slow and constant journey ever since. 

The company has developed its test area to other cities, turned out into its own business, and repeated the vehicle design and the sensors around it.

Waymo initiated a testing and operations center in Chandler, Arizona in 2016. Since then, the organization has ramped up it’s testing in Chandler and other Phoenix suburbs. It launched an early rider program and gradually crawled toward commercial deployment. 

The early rider program, which needed applicants to sign a non-disclosure agreement to compete, started in April 2017.

Driverless cars by Waymo | iTMunch

The launch of Waymo One

In December, the company began Waymo One, an effective self-driving car service and guiding app. Waymo One indicated that the company was starting to open up its service. Participants of the early rider program were shifted to the Waymo One, which let them bring guests and even talk openly about their rides. 

Recently, Waymo inaugurated another technical service center in the Phoenix area in building to double its ability and grow its business fleet. Since driverless Waymo vehicles are in their testing period, they have not been used by the general public. 

All in all, the initiation of driverless vehicles would be a breakthrough for the company. Stay tuned with iTMunch for more such tech news and industry updates!

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